Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

We don't think that anyone stole the cookies from the cookie jar but rather we wanted to eat the cookies from the cookie basket!

Today was another full day at school with packing and learning and playing and in fact, upstairs we had so much fun as we all had a box to play inside. We played a game called “help us pack”. Each of us received a new box from our teachers and DSCF5604we had to open it. Sofia gave us all a demonstration and then said that she wanted to go to the new school. Our teachers said that she can go to the new school and they can send her in a box. So then we all wanted to go to our new school in a box and……………..Actually the box was for packing the last remaining toys inside however we all helped put one together and then we sat inside one and then, we packed things inside.

FJ packed the white and red square cushions; Beckett and Nico packed the wooden trains and tracks; Margo and Jennifer packed the red and green cushions; Sofia and Sean packed away the cars and animal toys; Miya packed the food items; Emily packed the sign in books and clocks and then we were all done!DSCF5607

And then there was nothing ……..but you can even find something from nothing. We have a beautiful story in our library called “Something from Nothing”. It is about a man who has a jacket and his jacket gets torn so he cuts it and makes it into a vest and this too gets torn so he cuts it and makes it into a scarf etc. We won’t tell you how it ends as it may spoil the story from you but the moral of the story is that even if you don’t have anything, you always have something.

DSCF5616We read a book called “On the seashore” which was a counting book with sea creatures in it. We are going to continue with our theme during April and look forward to doing a lot more learning in our new classroom at our new school.

Another special thing about today was that each classroom had a huge basket filled with cookies and delicious baked goods. Miyuki, Tokutaro’s mum had a marathon baking session with some friends at a restaurant yesterday, all for Koamikura which is where some of us are going for the weekend. They baked soooooo much and thought it would be good for us to sell some at school and we can add the money to our fund raising coffers for the area. The rest of the baking, our teachers and friends who are going to Koamikura will take up with them and give them to the people there to sell and enjoy OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAeating too.

Ayaka showed us how to make a pirate hat using newspaper and markers. We had to fold the newspaper in a certain way and then we used markers to decorate them. We all put them on our heads and took a photo. We all pretended to be pirates on a ship shouting “Ship ahoy!”

We had fun outside in the park even though the wind was a little cold. It was blowing so much and we all managed to find cherry blossoms lying on the ground. There were even some people in the park having a picnic under the huge cherry blossom tree.

Downstairs we have enjoyed hiding under and inside things too and we have been using the large cushions for this. Our teachers were in the middle of throwing out some old catalogues so we decided to use them as our reading material. Here under the cushion you can see us hiding and reading a catalogue with photos of many different things for children.

Allie’s choice for story time was “Goodnight Moon” and we sat together in a circle and all looked at the pictures; said ‘hush’ like the old lady sitting in the rocking chair and looked for things that matched the words in the book.

We sang and danced to the Wiggles CD and held hands in a circle with our friends and teachers. We loved our classroom and spent many wonderful hours in the existing building, sharing, caring, laughing, crying, playing, learning, jumping, moving, sitting, eating and so much more. This is the last journal to be written in our school here in Azabu Juban……ganbarimasho and thanks for the memories!

Love always Shelley, Darren, Christine, Nanako, Ayaka, Goh, Liezel and Sabine.