Pizza Party

Happy Pizza Party Day! We were so excited both in anticipation and when we were eating our pizzas today. While some of us brought our lunches to school, we all ate some pizza together at lunch time. In fact our teachers were amazed at how much we DSCF5596were able to eat. Our faces were covered in tomato sauce and our hands were all gooey and our tummies were full and we felt satisfied. We were so happy to have had our own private pizza delivery man today; his name was Bill Campbell and he was on time and had a big smile on his face when he delivered the pizzas to us. We even invited him to share some of the pizza with us

Downstairs, we had a busy time playing with the remaining toys in our classroom and we had two new construction ones that we borrowed from upstairs. We also had the opportunity to draw on white boards and with coloured pencils on paper. During the morning Shelley went upstairs to our older friends and they had a fun time together. She came back just in time to eat her snack with us.

We read “Goodnight Moon” and pointed out all of the things in the pictures. In fact we noticed some other interesting things in the pictures e. g. there were two moons on one of the pages; one was the moon that the story was focusing on in the title of DSCF5597the book and the second one was the picture with the cow jumping over a moon.

Our faces were really curious when we put the Wiggles CD on. Today the CD player was on a small shelf so it was low enough for us to see the entire machine. We sat with it and looked at the CD going round and round while making music. We also put our hands on the speakers and could feel the sound vibrating on our hands. We then stood up and had a fabulous time, singing and dancing and doing actions to many of our favourite songs e. g. The Monkey Dance; Where is Thumbkin; Hot Potato; Butterfly; Trees in the wind; Shake your sillies out and Fruit Salad.

We had a wonderful time playing in the park and Vincent especially kept on running after Lily, shouting her name, as he OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwanted to play with her. We love watching our little friends as they get bigger; especially when their language is developing and they are saying new words.

Upstairs we sang “Row your boat” and “1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive”.

Our phonics and literacy today focused on the letter ‘f’ and the sound that it makes. We practiced how to write it in the air with our forefinger and then we looked at the Jolly Phonics book to see if we could see pictures of objects that started with the same letter and sound. We first found fish and then we saw flag, frog, float and we realized that friend also starts with ‘f’. We sat at the table with OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwhiteboards and practiced writing the ‘f’ with white board markers.

Emily and Yossi completed their ocean scenes today. They pasted their sea creatures after carefully observing the plastic life like ones and drawing them on the back of their pattern papers. We all packed away together and had a small circle time with Shelley.

We spoke about all the boxes in the classroom and why so many things are missing from our rooms. We have helped pack many of the boxes so we know that in two more sleeps all the boxes will go on a big truck to our new school. We sang “There are seven days” and Nico told us that today was Wednesday. We sang “Hello” to all of our friends and teachers in French, Hebrew, Tagalog, English, Japanese, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpanish and Afrikaans. We all sang our names in our other “Hello” song. We spoke about high and low in terms of how we use our voices. We learnt a song called “I want you to meet my family” and in the song, we learnt the Japanese words for mother, father, dog, cat, tiger, hippo, chicken, pig etc. We also sang “Willaby, wallaby woo” which is a really funny song that plays with the sounds of letters. The last part of the song is “an elephant sat on……………” We thought that if an elephant sat on us, we would become pancakes. We had to listen carefully to the words of the song as it transposed the first letter of each of our names…..

Love always Shelley, Darren, Christine, Nanako, Ayaka, Goh, Liezel and Sabine.