Spring has sprung

When you’re happy and you know it……………………

We wonder what our teachers will do when we eventually have everything packed in the truck on Friday……..will they clap their hands; will they stamp their feet; will they shout hooray; will they jump up high? Whatever they do, we think that they will be happy. Today we were all together upstairs as Shelley, Liezel, Katerina and Christina all helped pack almost all of the DSCF5573last remaining things on the second floor. While they were packing, we had a wonderful time with our friends from Ohana International School. In fact, when Shelley came to the park later, she saw Tokutaro was pushing the red wagon with Sofia sitting inside. Tokutaro announced to her that he was playing with his friend, Sofia. This made Shelley feel so happy inside; big children playing with smaller ones and everyone happy and learning from one another.

A big thank you to Katerina and Christina and Liezel; they were the perfect team of packers. They knew how to wrap things together; to tie things together and to fill all the spaces in the boxes. Darren did all the unscrewing and taking things off from high places which he is good at. Now we are ready to go to our new school.DSCF5568

Because we were all together upstairs, those of us with siblings had the rare opportunity to be together and share part of our day with them at school. Miya very proudly looked after Liam, even though he doesn’t really need looking after. He is very independent which means that he can sort of look after himself. Abiya, Lily and Vincent enjoyed doing puzzles at the table, especially the number one. Jennifer used the wooden shapes with nails and hammers and made a fantastic picture of a boat. Maybe it was a pirate ship!

DSCF5570Our story, in keeping with our theme on Ocean creatures and pirates was called “Pirates love underpants”. We always laugh when we hear the word ‘underpants’. We sang our “Hello” song during circle time and it took so long to get through all of the children and teachers as there were so many in the class today. We also sang “Where is Thumbkin” and then we danced to “Hot Potato” and the “Monkey Dance”. Everyone danced together and laughed at the same time.

We sat on the floor and stretched our legs and sang “Row, row, row your boat”. We did it four timesDSCF5572 and each time we tried to sing and do the actions faster and faster. Then we played a game where you have to listen to the words and do the actions. When Darren plays this game he often tricks us and he sings words and does different actions. It is called a listening game rather than a watching game.

We played another game called “Charades”. Our version of “Charades” is for us to do something without saying anything, and then ask our friends if they knew what we were doing. Our friends usually are able to guess what we are doing quite easily. Today Margo pretended that she was swimming; Jennifer pretended that she was riding a bicycle; Tokutaro pretended that he was driving a car and many more.

DSCF5586Outside in the park was such a beautiful day. Some of us even had shorts on so our friends and teachers could see our legs and with short sleeved shirts, they could see our arms for the first time after a long, long winter.

Downstairs we were all so tired from a long day, playing, thinking, learning, doing and being outside in the fresh air; when it was rest time, we all fell fast asleep.

Our classrooms are full of boxes now containing the things that are usually on our shelves. We are looking forward to seeing our new school and the exciting things that our teachers and Einat have planned for us.

Einat is the architect and designer and she has created amazing things for our new school.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Christine, Nanako, Ayaka, Goh, Liezel and Sabine.