Sink or float

Today is March the 14th and all of our teachers received delicious chocolates from Darren because in Japan it is white day. White day is when the people who give chocolates on Valentine’s Day in February, give chocolates to those who gave to them. Our teachers were very lucky to get so many chocolates and they kept them to eat at home as we try to have healthy eating habits while we are at school.

DSCF5504Upstairs Yossi, Marie and Noa all saw the wood covering the table and they wanted to know what we were making. They were surprised when they saw how big the saw was and asked Darren if they were going to make a pirate ship. This was not the truth though; they helped Darren cut the wood up into smaller pieces. Sofia enjoyed doing the layered body puzzle which she said was really easy. Upstairs we have the girl and downstairs they have the boy body puzzle. It is layered with first the skeleton, then the organs, then the muscles, then the skin and last but not least clothing. At the moment our KIDFIT lessons are about our muscles so when we sit and do this puzzle we can see how many muscles we have in our bodies.

Sophie, Marie and Miya commented on the beautiful patterns that we made yesterday and also wanted to make their own. They made patterns with hearts, dots, spirals, stripes and lines. As we mentioned yesterday, we will use them to make our underwater DSCF5520creatures.

 Jennifer and Emily both dressed up like pirates with Jennifer making her own telescope which looked quite similar to the one that we have in our dress up corner. In the library we read a book called “Smiley Shark”. Smiley was a shark who always smiled however when all of the other sea creatures saw his teeth, they were terrified of him and thought that he wanted to eat them up. Hence, he had no friends. When he saved some sea creatures from being caught in a OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnet, this changed everything for him and from then onwards, he had many friends to play with. During circle time, we review letters “a, t, s, i, n, k” and wrote sink and float on a piece of paper. We had a bucket filled with water and a selection of objects which we were going to put into the water to see which ones would sink and which ones would float. The objects that we had to choose from were:

a metal spoon, a plastic spoon, a pencil, an eraser, a marble, a pom pom, an elastic band and a few more. All of us had a turn to drop one of the objects into the bucket filled with water but before we dropped it in, we guessed whether we OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthought it would sink or float. After we dropped the object in the water, we took it out and looked at both words “sink” and “float” and placed the object on one of the words. We noticed that the marble sank so it went onto the word that started with ‘s’; the pencil floated so we put it on the word that started with an ‘f’. It was so much fun. We did fire drill and walked carefully down the stairs with our hands over our mouths to keep the pretend smoke out of our lungs.

Downstairs we had fun playing with blocks that have pictures on them and words in Japanese. We stood the blocks up on the table, we stacked them in piles, we placed them inside the large box and made two layers of them. Then we named all of the pictures that we knew. Abiya liked the three blocks that had traffic lights on them. One was red, one OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwas blue and one was yellow. We learnt a poem about traffic lights; “stop said the red light, go said the green, be careful said the orange one, flashing in between”. At the activity tables we played with play dough, drew on white boards and threaded beads and shapes onto laces. Allie and Abiya completed their garden scenes with seeds below the ground and flowers above the ground. During story time, we read the tiniest books that we have on our library shelf. We love them because they are small just like we are. The one was called “Tooter” and he was a train that was derailed because he went too fast. Luckily he got back on track literally and off he went. The second one was called “The Pokey little puppy” and we have heard this one before. The puppies don’t listen to their mum and she gets really angry with them and says that they cannot have dessert. Our teachers like us to eat healthy food before we have treats.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Nanako, Ayaka, Christine, Goh, Liezel and Sabine.