Pirates in Tokyo

We have been really busy at school with our learning and playing and even though we have a theme that guides our learning, we have little themes within that theme. Downstairs, while our theme is ‘New Beginnings and Planting”, we are also learning number concept and fractions. DSCF5391We looked at a large white piece of paper which Lily told us was a rectangle; we folded it in half and made two smaller rectangles. So now we know that when you fold something in half, you get two equal parts. Circles in half have semi circles and a square divided into two, is two rectangles.

At the one activity table today, we painted one half of our page green and when we returned from the park, we painted the other half brown. The brown represents the earth and the green represents the grass. We used rollers and small and large brushes for our painting today. We will wait for them to dry and also give our friends who were not at school OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtoday, a chance to paint their backgrounds and then we will work on them.

When we arrived at school this morning, we sat with Shelley at the computer and listened to, watched and sang some of our favourite songs. She says that there is a place for technology in our lives but it depends on how it is used and what we watch………mmmmmmm! We sang ‘There was a farmer had a dog’; ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’; ‘ABC song’; ‘The incy wincy spider’ and ‘The ants go marching’. When we were finished we went to the carpet and had free play time with our friends and teachers. We read books, dressed up which is one our favourite things to do and read books. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABecause we are cleaning out cupboards and shelves for our move to the new school, our teachers are finding ‘new’ toys and we are fortunate because every now and then we get something to play with that we have not seen before. We completed making hearts for Clodia’s birthday and will wait for Olivia to come back to school to do hers. We wish her well as she has been sick for a few days now. Outside in the park, the weather was really beautiful. It was warm and sunny and many people didn’t feel that they needed to wear big jackets. We ran around, climbed on the poles with the help of our teachers, at the parallel bars We sat on the swings, came down the slide and chased balls and birds. Our teachers get a bit sad when we chase the birds as we are bigger than they are and they ask us, if something big chased us, how would we feel? We are not sure how to express our thoughts but we think that we understand what they mean.DSCF5390

When Jamie arrived at school this morning, he built himself a ‘bed space’ with the cushions. Jennifer helped him cover himself by piling all the cushions on top of him. He had such a huge smile on his face when he was playing here.

Our book today in the library upstairs was called “The Pirate Cruncher” and it was about a pirate fiddler leading Captain Purplebeard and his ship to treasure.

DSCF5389We learnt a song called “The friendly pirate ship is rocking on the sea”. During circle time, we looked at a “skull and crossbones” flag and decided that we wanted to make them. We used a piece of black paper for the background and then we could choose to use white paint markers, crayons, pastels and cut white soap paper to make our pirate flags. We did amazing designs on ours, after looking carefully at pictures of pirate flags. We were wondering how were we going to make our pictures look like flags. So we chose one chopstick and attached our drawing to it.

Noa made a treasure map with the lemon juice and Jamie made a second one as his first one was destroyed by pirates! We are developing a curiosity about pirates now and look at the selection of books our teachers chose for us to learn about them. Beckett sat down with some of his friends and looked at the one called “Pirates love underpants”. We think that the name is such a funny name!

There is another song that Shelley will teach us about pirates.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Nanako, Ayaka, Christine, Goh, Liezel and Sabine.