The first day of March


“When I was small and Christmas trees were tall………..”


Shelley is always singing songs in class and this was the one on her mind. She was trying to think of a song about the 1st of March but could only find one about the 1st of May. If it was DSCF5294the first of May, we would already be in our new school however there are many rivers to cross before we all get there.


Today is the first day of March and the weather really feels a lot warmer than earlier in the week so maybe Spring is really coming. We spent the morning, marching pairs of fruit and flowers at the small table in our classroom downstairs and at the big table, our teachers finished working on our Hina Matsuri pictures which are now in our portfolios. Some of us will be celebrating Girl’s Day on Sunday which will be 3rd March. At snack time we DSCF5320ate our snacks and then our teachers showed us pretty pastel coloured round things to eat. These are called ‘hinarare’ and they are traditionally eaten when it is Hina Matsuri. Downstairs we had large circular shaped ones in white and pale pink and green. Upstairs we had small balls in pink, white and green to eat at snack time. They were sweet and delicious. They are made from rice puffs and sugar which most of us love to eat.



Upstairs we completed our theme on Transport using different coloured shapes, and making any form of transport from them. The second activity was DSCF5342using a sheet of paper with rectangles, squares, and circles on it. We had to cut out the many shapes which in itself was a good exercise as we had to cut straight lines and curves. Once again we could use the shapes to create a picture of our choice. Our teachers thoughts were along the lines of transport but some of us had our own ideas. We could even make a person using the different shapes. We could use the largest rectangle for the body, the shorter rectangles for the neck and for long thin ones for the arms and legs. The circle was an easy choice for the head.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


When we look around our classroom we can see many of our toys and things that we play with and use that have specific shapes. The books, windows, tables, paper, and furniture all are rectangles; the clock, cups, tops of pencils, our faces on the birthday chart, the mosquito net and tapes are circles; the shelves where our toys are placed are all squares. Even when we walked to the park, we noticed shapes e.g. the street is a rectangle, the poles OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAare columns, the sand box is a semi-circle, the clock is a circle; the elevator is a rectangle and the seats for the swings are rectangles too. All around us things have a shape.


Friday is our day when we specifically learn about keeping fit and healthy. Today we continued learning about our muscles and we did many exercises to strengthen our muscles. We sang a song with words that went like this “Eat good food, have a rest and do exercises”. We sat on the floor and pretended to eat, we put our hands together as if we were sleeping and we pumped ourOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA arms in the air as if we were doing exercises. We had a tug of war with the rope and pulled and pulled as hard as we could just like the story “The great big enormous turnip”. In this story everyone tried to help the farmer when his turnip grew so big and enormous and they all had to pull and pull and pull and eventually the turnip came out of the ground. The rope was also used as the outline of a pond. We used our horses on sticks to gallop around the room and when we got to the pond, we let the horses have a drink. We dipped their heads into the pond and counted a different number each time. First we counted three and then five. We did some other exercises with our horses and some of us kept on going back to the pond so that the horses could drink. 


We balanced a ball on the head of a small tennis racket and then tried to hit the ball both over arm and under arm. We moved around the room to the music and always have a great time in our KIDFIT classes thanks to our teachers and the fun activities that we do.


We read many stories downstairs together with our teachers and one of our special things is to sit in our teachers’ lap while they read to us. This gives us such a warm, fuzzy feeling. Have a great weekend everyone!


Love always Shelley, Darren, Nanako, Ayaka, Christine, Goh, Liezel, Yuko and Sabine.