Rolling, rolling, rolling snow

Today was the last day of our wonderful ‘Snow’ themed winter school. Miya, Tomo and Lily all were very interested in the shiny beads on the table. Miya made a beautiful necklace for her mummy while Lily and Tomo made bracelets for their mothers too. Puzzles were also very popular this morning too. DSCN8799Miya wanted to do the large floor dinosaur puzzle. Firstly we divided all the pieces into two piles, those with straight edges for the sides, top and bottom edges and the others for the center of the puzzle. Once we had put all the outside edges together it was easy to find the pieces for the center. Tomo decided he wanted to try the ABC puzzle and did a great job identifying the letters. Lily wanted to try the numbers puzzle and enjoyed pulling the pieces out and putting the small circular pieces back into the centers of the numbers: 6, 8, 9 etc. Straight after snack time we headed outside. In the park Miya, Tomo and Lily all helped draw a game on the floor with the sticks. It looked a bit like hopscotch with circular areas to jump into and count. Lily was playing ‘Peek a Boo’ with the teachers near the small yellow slide and every time we poked our heads around the corner she would giggle and run away. She looked so cute. After returning to the class we all read a book together titled ‘Snow is Falling’ which is a book about the snow falling, how it covers everything, how it is cold and quiet when it snows and how every snowflake is different and has 6 sides, Something it mentions in the book is how you can roll a small snow ball along the ground and it gets bigger and bigger until it becomes very difficult to move. Well we didn’t have any snow to test this so we tried with some bouncy balls and white paint in the classroom. First we got our large group painting and put it on the table. We then chose a bouncy ball and dipped it in the white paint and rolled it around. Once it had collected enough paint on it we rolled it across the paper to make tracks. Once or twice it rolled across the floor but we soon caught up with it and put it back on the table. We then tried the same ideas using some toy cars that the teachers had brought in.DSCN9237 We rolled the cars wheels in the paint and then drove across the paper like driving on snow. It was very slippery and we were lucky we didn’t crash. Have a wonderful break and a very Happy New Year. See you next year. Love always ‘The Ohana Team’.