Snow Bear

It felt really cold this morning and we were glad to see the children wrapped up nice and warm when they arrived this morning. The huge box of Lego on the carpet was very popular with the children this morning and they all spent time searching through finding things of interest to them. Lily found a tiny soccer ball and started bouncing it around while saying “Throw the baseball”.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Gento and Tomo found a Lego boat which they added other pieces to as well as some other figurines. . Vincent was very interested in the car transporter and he loaded it up on the table with lots of cars. When they came to the table they noticed the play-dough was already out and got to work rolling it and then using the circular cutters to make cookies. DSCN8520 They were all very chatty this morning with Tomo commenting on the cars “Look, it went over there”, “It go that way” and “It stop there”. Gento when using the play-dough said “Wow, look at this….amazing”, ”This is the biggest one”, and “Big Yummy food….Sausage, Broccoli, Mushroom, Chocolate Heart”. We headed for the park a little earlier today as the sun had just come out and we wanted to have a little warmth on us. Gento and Lily were so funny sliding down together on the metal slide, screaming with joy the whole way down.  Tomo played with the ball a lot of the time and had a funny time throwing it up above his head but having no idea where it would come back down. Often on top of his head which made him, his friends and teachers all smile. After getting back from the park we headed to the library to read a book together. The teachers asked them which book they would prefer to read, ‘Snow Bear’, ‘Christmas Rhymes’ or ‘At the zoo’. They chose ‘Snow Bear’ which is a great story of friendship. We then sang a few songs such as the ‘ABC song’, ‘Twinkle, Twinkle little star’ and ‘Where is thumbkin’? DSCN8676When we came to the activity table we saw the large black sheet of paper we dropped flour (snow) and water (raindrops) on yesterday. We then used our fingers to put lots of white paint on the paper which looked just like snow…beautiful. We then got a brush and some new black paper and used a brush to paint whatever we liked. Tomo painted a snow bear, Gento painted a big pirates hat and Lily painted a white monkey. We then had the chance to choose a colored piece of origami paper to make a background for the snowflakes we made yesterday. We then glued the snowflakes onto the colored paper and they look beautiful. Have a good afternoon and stay warm, Love always ‘The Ohana Team’.