Snow flake artwork

Well today was the second day of winter school for the children. We continued the theme of snow during activity and circle time today but put the toy trains out on the carpet for the children to play with during our ‘free play’ time. The trains are always popular with all the children even though several of them on the same track can be a little bit of a problem for them to resolve at times. Shoko and Miya decided that they wanted to use the toy kitchen and food but then noticed the play-dough on the table and decided to make some ‘gingerbread cookies’ by rolling the play-dough flat and then choosing the cookie cutters with simple shapes such as square, circle and triangles. Once Miya had completed that she moved to the other end of the table as she noticed the snowman hats which some of the children made yesterday. She liked the sparkly shapes and so her snowman looks very shiny. Andres Felipe enjoys his books and so he spent a lot of time in the library looking at the animal books on display and occasionally bringing them to us to show us a particularly interesting animal. After snack time we went in the library to read a book titled ‘Snow Bear’ which was a story of a little girls friendship with a polar bear cub and the worries of their older brother and the bears mother. There was a lot of snow in the pictures and so we came to the table to see if we could make some paper snowflakes. First we folded a piece of white origami paper in half and then half again. We then cut off the corners to make it round and decorated them with sparkly pens and colored markers. We then continued to snip around the sides and when we opened it up we had a snowflake pattern made from the holes we had cut. We then took them to the carpet area and dropped them from up high and watched and grabbed as they floated down to the ground. DSCN8532This was great fun and we enjoyed jumping up to try and catch them. We then came back to the table where the teachers had put a big sheet of black paper. We said “It looks like the night time”, and we wondered if you could hear snowflakes when they hit the ground? The teachers brought out some flour as this was the nearest we could find resembling snow and all took turns dropping it onto the paper and listening to the noise it made. You could hear a little noise as the flour hit the paper. The snow then turned to rain and we dropped water on the snow / flour, just like raindrops falling from the sky. These we could hear easily. The park was nice and warm today although a little wet in the sandbox but we had fun on the slides and playing with the balls. Have a great afternoon, Love always ‘The Ohana Team’.