Our favourite songs

It was a really beautiful fall/autumn day today and when we went to the park, we thought that it would be a good idea to water our flowers but then, we forgot that yesterday had been a rainy day. When we go outside tomorrow, we will take water bottles and fill them up and take care of our flowers and plants. On Friday, it will be our Sweet Potato Digging excursion, so we will not play in the park on that day. Outside we all had fun with our friends and teachers and spent time wheeling the wagons around and then filling them up with shovels etc. as well as some sand. We bounced with our friends on the bouncing horse and hung from the parallel bars; sat on the swings and of course came down the roller slide. Ava took the large red wagon up the side of the slide. When she came to the top she tried to pick it up to put it on the top however this seemed to be too difficult. She worked things out all by herself and then decided to bring it back down the side of the slide and keep it on the flat ground.

 This morning Shoko, Yossi and FJ had a pretend breakfast. They laid the table on the carpet and then served one another breakfast. Yossi wanted pizza and donuts for breakfast! Beckett and Nico worked as a great team recycling the white paper using the shredder. They then mixed the shredded paper into the existing mixture of paper and water. The first mixed it with spatulas and then became curious about the texture; using their bare hands to mix it. They described it as soft and cold. After eating their pretend breakfast, Shoko and Yossi came to the activity table to make their fences for the farm.

In the library we read “Inside a barn in the country”. The story in this book is about a mouse who squeaks which wakes a cat, and then wakes a dog etc. We all tried to read the story together with Darren. The pictures of each animal were our guide and some of us tried to sound the words out as well.

We had some cutting practice today using the shape of a cloud which will be a part of the background in our farm scene. Our teachers asked us to use the left over pieces of white paper that we have in our recycle box and they spoke to us about curves; keeping the scissors facing away from us with our thumb always looking up to the ceiling or the sky. Downstairs, we looked through some magazines for the first time. We were so curious about all of the pictures and turned many pages. Our teachers told us to look really carefully and try to find picture of faces so that we could cut out mouths, eyes, noses and ears. They helped us with the cutting and then we pasted them onto pieces of coloured paper. We had one piece of paper for the eyes; one piece for the noses; one piece for the ears and one piece for the mouth.

 We really love singing and dancing to music so much that our teachers sing with us each day and do action songs and singing games. While we were singing our good morning song where we do actions and sing ‘hello’ in different languages, we sang about sleeping. Afterwards we sang our lovely wake up song called “Wake up it’s a lovely day”. In this song we sing about birds and bees and we make a chirping sound for the birds and a buzzing sound for the bees. We sang songs using the theme of transport today. We pretended that we were going somewhere on an airplane and sang “Airplanes, airplanes all in a row”; then when we the planes landed, we needed to take a bus and sang one of our all-time favourites called “The wheels of the bus”. Today we included grandpas on the bus who were snoring while they were sleeping and also daddies who were reading. We love this song and always stop what we are doing to sing and do the actions with our friends and teachers. Then we got off the bus and were near water. Ava suggested that we go swimming so we first swam and then we took a ride on a boat. We sat opposite a partner with our feet touching, holding their hands and we sang “Row, row, row your boat”. Afterwards we decided that it would be good to walk and this led us into putting our school T-shirts and getting ready to go to the park.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Ayaka, Nanako, Sabine, Goh, Liezl and Christine.