Happy Birthday Shelley

Today was another special day; something nice came our way. It was a big celebration for all of us especially Shelley because it was her birthday today. She didn’t look so different from yesterday; she looked really happy and Moko came to the party as well. All of us spent time upstairs together early in the morning while Darren and Sabine helped prepare the room for the birthday. We were so surprised when we walked in the classroom downstairs as there were balloons, a sign saying “Happy Birthday” as well as a table laden with goodies. Sabine is a “baker extraordinaire”. She spent yesterday baking cupcakes and decorating them; she made a cake with peaches on top (one for her husband as well) and the most special thing about her, is that she does it all with so much love. We helped blow out one candle but we don’t think that Shelley is one year old today! We sang “Happy birthday to you” and FJ put a crown on her head so that she would like a queen or princess. Then Oliver gave her the beautiful enormous magic wand that we all made for her. It has all of our hands on it and she can use it to make all of her dreams come true. We had a beautiful birthday feast and then we all still wanted to eat our regular snack. Shelley had a huge smile on her face because all the children in the older class upstairs performed a special song for her. It was called “You are my sunshine”. There was a lot of sunshine today especially after the heavy rains last night.

 After the party we stayed downstairs and our little friends went upstairs for KIDFIT. While we were downstairs we added some parts to our remote controls. Our teachers asked us what the buttons were for and we told them that some of the things that our remote controls tell people to do, is do animal actions. We are learning all about animals and this was a fun thing to add to them.

We added green tape, green sparkly paint and paper to our large jungle background. During circle time we played a game which was a sort of actions and noise game. We made a circle and one of us stood in the middle of the circle. We could pretend to be an animal and make actions or sounds to help our friends and teachers guess what animal we were. Shoko was an elephant; Margo was a pig; Beckett was a dog; Emily was a rabbit; Nico was a cat; FJ was a pig and Jamie was a tiger. We read the book ‘There was an old lady who swallowed a fly’. We thought that it was strange that she could swallow so many different animals……It could not happen to a real person….we think!

 During KIDFIT we continued to learn about our lungs and we helped our teacher when he blew up the balloons. We said “breathe in” and then we said “breathe out”. We remembered that last week we had learnt the words “inhale” and “exhale” which have the same meaning. We bounced the inflated basketballs; we held the bottles filled with yellow soapy water and used them as weights. We sang the songs that we sing regularly and laughed “hahaha” in the first one that we sing each week. The words say “hahahaha”. We touched the floor and balanced on one hand and one foot; we waved beautiful cloths in the air and blew them with our breath; we lay on the floor and listened to the beautiful story and music which marks the end of our lesson. Today Jet gave us each two strawberry stamps on our arms. We know that strawberries are healthy food like milk, vegetables and fruit. These things are good for our lungs too. We know that chocolate is not so good for our bodies and fire and smoke are bad for our lungs.

We have learnt so many things about keeping healthy and are now ready to show how fit we are on Monday when it is our Sports Day. Have a great weekend!

Love always Shelley, Darren, Ayaka, Nanako, Sabine, Goh and Christine