Feeling faces

We were so happy to welcome Beckett and Clodia back to school after their special time in the USA at a wedding. Welcome back to them and their parents. It was a gorgeous fall day and we felt the warm temperature together with the cooler air…….we hope that this makes sense. Sometimes we think that people say things that they mean and other people do not understand them 100%. This is when there are misunderstandings and our teachers do their best to explain things to us carefully so that we DO understand what they mean.

Downstairs we are very busy each day working at the activity tables and learning through play. We learn through play with our teachers and we learn through play with our friends. Our friends and teachers sometimes teach us the same lessons e.g. when we play with our friends in the dressing up corner and two of us want to play with the binoculars, we learn to share. Sometimes our teachers need to intervene and sometimes we know what we need to do without them telling us. The binoculars are a popular toy in our classroom and every day many of us want a turn to look through them.

  We decorated Lily’s crown as tomorrow is her second birthday and we will be celebrating at school. We used markers and stickers to decorate her crown and all of us helped make it look beautiful. Olivia and Clodia completed their pictures about feelings. They both tried to draw a face and then they pasted “feeling faces” all over their picture. They both also completed their medals for Sports Day and we attached a piece of ribbon to them so that we can wear them around our necks. All of us wanted to make another medal and do another feeling drawing so our teachers gave us some markers and other paper. We will use the collage materials in another way on another day. We sang songs about feelings and did actions to the words. Shelley showed us many different emotions on her face and we tried to guess what she was feeling. Nanako make a feeling sick face and we then made angry faces; happy faces; sad faces; scared faces; sleepy faces; grumpy faces and thinking faces. We sang “what are my eyes for” which has helped us learn so much about what different parts of our body can do. Eyes look; ears listen; a mouth talks; a nose smells; hands clap and feet stamp. These are all the things that we told our teachers today when we were singing the song. We sang our “hello” song and even Vincent is singing the right tune and singing some words when it is his turn.

Upstairs in the library our teachers asked us to look for books that were about animals. We made a long list of the names of animals with two eyes and two legs and others with four legs and even some with no legs. In total we found 21 animals. We noticed that the animals with two eyes and two legs were usually birds. The animals with no legs are snakes and fish.

During circle time we played “freeze” and we all had a turn to press the remote control button. On the floor where we have our large map of the world, we placed a small photo of ourselves on the map of the country where we come from.  We used the remote control and made our friends do specific actions. Then we chose stickers and asked our teachers if we could make our own remote controls. We started making them and will continue working on them tomorrow.

Outside in the park we are able to do more and more challenging things on the equipment. Some of us can hang upside down from the parallel bars and we love it when our teachers and friends watch us. We feel a real sense of achievement. Jamie, Margo and FJ can do this really well. Some of us spent some time filling bottles up with water so that we could take care of the beautiful flowers in our garden.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Ayaka, Nanako, Sabine, Goh and Christine.