Keeping Fit on Friday

Today we had a lovely day and were fortunate to have some time to play both inside and outside. There was such heavy rain at one stage during the day and we thought that we wouldn’t be able to play outside but the children downstairs went to play there after their KIDFIT session.

Downstairs we started off the day, playing with the puppets doing collage activities. Yesterday we made our faces in a structured way with our teachers sitting with us. We looked in mirrors and pasted collage materials onto a circle shape. Today we also used a circle and the same collage materials and pasted them as we wanted to. We will display them together showing the one that we did with our teachers and the one that we did on our own.

 We also played with handbags and went shopping for food. We made a store in the classroom and walked around the room looking for things to buy. Shelley sang the song “And we’ll go walking down the street, shopping for things to eat”. We sat together on the mat and read a few books together and then we sang some songs. We read a Barney book, and the one that we read yesterday called ‘I love you mummy’. We sang “Twinkle, twinkle little star”, “ABC song” and “There was a farmer had a dog called BINGO”. While we were resting after lunch Shelley told us a story not from a book, but from her head. It was about a big round circle moon that lived in the sky among the stars. It only came out when the children were going to sleep but the children wanted to ask the moon questions. The song went like this:

 Oh Mr. Moon where do you go? To the land of ice and snow.

Oh Mr. Moon when do you sleep? All day long until the stars do peep.

Thank you Mr. Moon for giving me your light, Goodnight children, children goodnight!

We know that when the moon goes to sleep, the sun wakes up and so do we.

Upstairs some of us enjoyed playing with the hammers, corkboards, nails and coloured wooden shapes. FJ made her mum, a flower and the sunshine. Noa and Margo made their mummies too. During circle time we worked together to make a list of classroom rules. We decided that the following things were important to do and remember when we are in the classroom:

Walk in the classroom;

sit nicely in circle time;

use an indoor, quiet voice;

raise your hand when you want to ask a question or answer a question or comment;

listen to your teachers and your friends; be careful in the classroom;

share toys and books

tidy up together

Then we all helped move the furniture around in preparation for our KIDFIT class. We each had a job such as move the cushions, paper, markers etc. In our KIDFIT lesson we continued learning about the lungs and how we breathe. We inhaled and opened our arms wide and exhaled and brought them in, close to our bodies. We carried our bottles filled with bubbly water while walking. We lifted them to work our biceps which are some of the muscles in our upper arms and then we carried them and worked our triceps, which are also muscles in our upper arms. We are getting fitter and stronger all the time.

 We celebrated Jamie’s birthday today as he was away from school when it was his real birthday. His mum brought two of Jamie’s favourite books to read to us. The books were “Pirate Pete” and “The National Geographic Wild Animals Atlas”. When Marella read he ‘Pirate Pete’ book, there were cards that you put in to complete the sentences. We love listening to our friends’ favourite stories. Jamie opened his gift from us and stood on the other side of the room to hold up his heart wishes which he loved. We sang “Happy Birthday to you” and “If you’re happy and you know it”. We had so many treats that Marella brought for us. We had ice cream cake and cookies. We want to thank Jamie and his mum for the special party that we had today, celebrating his fourth birthday.

Have a great weekend!

Love always Shelley, Darren, Ayaka, Nanako, Sabine, Goh and Christine.