Preparing for our garden

Today was a really hot day when we were out in the park and we were so happy to have the big umbrella to protect us. We spent time playing with sand and water in the sandbox and we also started to prepare the soil for our new garden in the park. Last year we had a beautiful garden in the park with colourful flowers and on Monday we are going to be planting flowers again. We are looking forward to having our new garden and taking care of it each day when we are at school. In our preparations today we used shovels and dug the soil up to soften it. Some of us used the enormous shovel which was so heavy. We were strong enough to lift it and turn the soil. Phew!    We blew bubbles outside in the park as well and watched them as they floated up to the sky. It was different from when we blew them inside the classroom. The air kept on taking them higher and higher outside however inside they kept on falling to the ground.

In circle time upstairs we were asked the question: “What do we do with our mouths?” These were some our answers; eat, talk, breathe, sing, drink, blow bubbles, whistle and play a recorder. We read the book “We are all alike, we are all different”. We spoke about what animals do with their mouths and the sounds that they make. We learnt that in English animals make one sound and in Japanese some of the animal sounds are different. A cat says meow in English and in Japanese it says ‘nyarr’; in English a cow says ‘moo’ and in Japanese it says ‘mo’; a dog says ‘woof’ in English and ‘wong’ in Japanese and a pig says ‘oink’ in English and ‘boo’ in Japanese. It was fun learning the different sounds that they make. We thought that animals make the same sounds wherever they live!

At the activity tables we did bubble painting as this is something we can do with our mouths. We mixed blue, red, yellow and green paint and added some dishwashing liquid to it and some water. We blew through straws and let the bubbles fall onto the paper and pop. Our second activity was cutting shapes out and sticking them on to a piece of paper. We used the shapes to make a body. We had a selection of shapes e.g. long rectangles, square, circle and small rectangles. We think you know what shape we used for the head……..yes, it was the circle.

In our afternoon literacy class we focused on the letter “p” and the sound that it makes. We listened to the Jolly Phonics CD and sang the song and did the actions. We looked at flash cards with the letter “p” on them. There was a pig, paper, party, pencil and many more. We drew letters in the air and then made a ‘p’ with our fingers and bodies.

Downstairs we at last completed our face activity. We sat two at a time with Shelley and looked in mirrors. We saw our faces and spoke about how many eyes we have etc. Then we selected some collage materials and glued them on to our faces with some direction. Tomorrow we will do another activity with the same materials and have the freedom to use them as we want to. We will still talk about our faces and paste things onto a large circle. We also made hair using some shredded paper in purple, yellow and green.  We had fun looking at ourselves in the mirrors.

We read the story called “I love mummy”. It was about a mummy bear and her little bear and how he learnt some lessons about life from his mistakes and her guidance. All the time he said to her: “I love mummy”. We spoke about who we love today. Eva said that she loves Walker; Tokutaro said that he loves Eva: Sabine said that she loves everyone and Lily said that she loves her mummy, daddy and Finn. We all love so many people. It is hard to say just one person because there are so many special people in our lives who we all love.  We hope that from today the weather is going to get cooler and we can enjoy playing outside without sweating so much.

Love always

Shelley, Darren, Christine, Nanako, Sabine, Ayaka and Goh.