Animals on Safari cookies

Well, the time has really come “the walrus said, to talk of many things, of shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings…….” Yes, our last day at Ohana for the 2011-2012 year has been and gone and we had a great time making something really special today. To finish off our theme, “Animals on Safari” we made cookies that looked like animals. We each received a small bowl with some frosting or icing in it. The frosting or icing was white and we could choose either green, red, yellow or blue to add to the white and make it another colour. Beckett chose blue, Clodia chose yellow, Gento chose blue, Lily chose green, Tokutaro and Shoko both chose pink and our new friend Margo, who will come to Ohana in August, chose pink too. We mixed until all the white was hidden and then we spread the mixture onto a cookie that was circular in shape. We were going to make an animal face cookie. We chose two eyes and then we broke a Pocky into many pieces and made the mouth and whiskers. The last thing we added to the animal cookie was ears. We chose two cone shaped ears and bingo…………..! Our animal cookies were complete.

We had such fun watching them transform into these animal faces. We kept them to chow to our families at the end of the day and then we will eat them. Our teachers whisked the left over frosting or icing away once we had spread it on our cookies as they didn’t really want us to eat it.

During the morning we did another activity about “Animals on Safari”. We had a selection of animal patterned paper, markers, scissors, white paper and glue all set out on the activity table. We could make whatever we wanted to. Some of us wanted to just draw and then cut the animal patterned paper and paste it onto our pages. Beckett used many different patterns on his art work. So at the end of the day, we had so many things to take home. We took our blankets, our indoor shoes, our towels, our 3D animals, our animal masks and last but definitely not least, we took our cookies. Yummmmmmm!

We read stories in the library and when we returned from the park, we went to the second floor and we played there for a short while. We sat together and sang some songs and then we read, “We’re going on a bear hunt”. When we were reading the story, we were not scared however at the very end of the story when we saw the bear in the cave and the whole family ran back to their house as fast as they could. We were a little scared! The bear had a shiny wet nose, two big googly eyes and two brown furry ears. We like teddy bears but this bear was much bigger than a teddy bear.

Today was the last day for both Rachel and Kana. We will miss them very much and enjoyed playing with them while they were our teachers this past year. We wish them lots of good luck wherever they chose to go.

We want to wish Gento a great time in London and we too will miss him very much. He is coming back in January and we are looking forward to seeing him then. Please don’t get too big while you are away Gento!

Love always Shelley, Kana, Christine and Rachel