No more s'mores!

We started off our day with some really fun creative time on the mat. Shoko took the two rectangular shaped cushions and made them into a house. She used some silk scarves and a cushion for the roof and she and Gento went in and out of the doorway that she had made. Sometimes the cushions fell over but she just built it again and again. Beckett enjoyed playing with the dominoes, making them into lines and creating different groups based on colour.  The rest of us played with the plastic animals while Noa enjoyed building with the themed Duplo blocks. The blocks are in soft pastel colours and there are things that we use in our homes e.g. toilet, shelf, cupboard etc. Our time to be “Little Masterchefs” is coming to an end and today we had a real American cooking experience. We were in the United States of America where they invented some really interesting foods. Our cooking class today was all about making “S’mores” which if you break it into two words says “Some more”. S’mores are made of two Graham crackers, one marshmallow and a block of chocolate. It is like a sandwich with a difference.

We started off our morning on the mat all ready for our morning circle where we did some musical patterns; learnt some differences in pitch and tone and we sang a few fun songs. Some of the songs that we have been singing during our week of “Little Masterchefs” are “What’s cooking in ………………pot”; “Wash, wash, wash your hands”; “Let’s go shopping” etc. Today we also sang our original “Hello” song and we all remembered the words so beautifully. While we were sitting on the mat we looked at a box of crackers; a packet of marshmallows and a slab of chocolate. We all felt the bag of marshmallows and said that it felt soft. We really like the smell of the bag too. The crackers looked like a large rectangle and we had to break them into two pieces because when you make a sandwich, you need two pieces of bread or two crackers as they need to go on top of one another. Rachel then continued to explain to us how to make our “S’mores” as she comes from America.

First Rachel told us to take one cracker and place it inside our cupcake holder that had our name on it. We then took a marshmallow and placed it on top of the cracker. Then Kana took them and put them in the oven for a few minutes.

We did not know what was going to happen to them inside the oven and when we saw them, the marshmallows had become golden on top. We placed a block of chocolate on top of the marshmallow and then finally the second cracker on top of that. We squeezed the top cracker down as hard as we could. Some white from the marshmallow came oozing out and the chocolate changed almost from a solid into a liquid. Some of us had a great time eating the entire “S’mores”; some of us were happy to eat it but we didn’t want to hold it as our fingers became gooey and some of us just didn’t want to try it at all. Afterwards we ate our snack and drank a lot of water. They were really sweet and yummy and a big treat at summer school. None of us wanted more of the “S’mores”! We had just enough!

We enjoyed wearing our chef’s hats while we were cooking and while we were eating too. Kana and Rachel enjoyed eating “S’mores” as well and they had some more!  Thanks for another fun day being “Little Masterchefs”!

With love from Shelley, Kana, Rachel, and Christine