'T' is for 'tennis'

Wednesday 20thh June 2012 Today we saw lots of paper and a whole rainbow of coloured paint on the table when we arrived at school. Someone had already painted the letters ‘a’ and ‘s’ on a piece of white paper and we wanted to have a try ourselves. First we needed to put on the art smocks though but this was a bit confusing as they go on backwards and do up at the back too. We also noticed on the carpet the huge box of trains and immediately started to put them together. We then broke into two groups and the younger ones of us went down stairs where we tried some number and animal puzzles on the table. Lily and Eva decided they really wanted to draw a picture with the coloured markers and did a beautiful piece of artwork each. After snack time we all got together again on the third floor for our circle time. We started off by singing the two songs from Monday and Tuesday: ‘The Snake is in the Grass’ and ‘A,a, Ants on my Arm’ together while doing the actions for each. We then sang our good morning song and then we met our new friend ‘Terry’ the turtle. Terry said hello to everyone and asked if we knew which sound /letter his name began with. We knew the sound and then realized it was ‘T’. We learned a new song which went like this:

When I watch the tennis game, T, T, T   T, T, T, When I watch the tennis game, My head goes back and forth.

While we were singing we pretended we were watching a tennis game and shook our heads backwards and forwards. Pointing to a start was fun and we all tried to draw a big ‘t’ in the air with our fingers. Darren then gave us a whiteboard and a marker and we each did a great job writing the letter on it. Next was dancing time and we soon realized that one of the animals in our favourite song begins with ‘t’…. a tiger. The Monkey song has the line “Do the tiger….roar’ in it which we love. Playing a game together was great where the teachers flash cards with pictures of things beginning with the letter t. We had so many things and when we named one of them we got to look after that card. Some of the things we saw were: telephone, television, toothbrush, teeth, tomato, toilet, tiger, turtle and ticket. The teachers then gave us clues and we could return the card to the pile and then went to the ‘table’ which also started with the letter t. We had a piece of paper each and we could colour in the t, draw pictures of things that start with t or write the letter t inside the illustration. Darren then put the letters on our letter wall in the classroom along with the ‘s’ and ‘a’ letters we did earlier this week. We went to the park and took along our water bottles today as it was so hot and humid. We had to stop every few minutes to drink some water and came back to school very happy, warm and hungry. Love always Darren, Kana, Goh, Miyuki and Rachel