Golden Dragons and colour matching

Every day we look at the sunshine and we think that the temperature outside will be warmer but……it is soooooo cold. Nevertheless we have fun outside running around and the cold does not bother us at all. We think that our teachers feel that cold more than we do. We just go and do what our bodies want to do and enjoy the fresh air and nature around us. There was quite a lot of mud in the park today because the left over ice is melting. It mixed with the gravel on the surface of the park and made it into mud. Shelley told us this funny poem: “I like mud; I like it on my toes

I like it on my fingers; I like it on my nose

Dirt’s pretty horrible but mud’s the stuff

I like mud!”

Our teachers would have been happy for us to play with the mud if it was warm and sunny just like when it is summer time but not today!

Upstairs we sang “Five Green Dragons” and each of us found five animal counters that were green in colour. We used our animal counters to count the number of dragons as we sang the song. Beckett knew that today is Friday and Oliver was able to recognize the letter “F” for Friday. When we observe things closely, we are able to use our lateral thinking skills and make associations e.g. when Oliver was looking at a book with a lion roaring in it, he remarked that the lion has big teeth like a dragon. Our special table activity this morning was making  dragons on red paper using beautiful golden materials e.g. gold origami, pipe cleaners, string, wiggly eyes and white triangles for the teeth and claws. We had a great time making our own ones and they all look quite different.

Downstairs we played with play dough and the plastic animals. We learnt how to roll the play dough into balls and started off by rolling them on the table. We then tried to roll them in between our hands. Tokutaro was really good at rolling the balls. Eva loves the animals and knew all of their names. She especially loves hippos.

Shoko made herself look really funny when she held the magnifying glass up to her face. When she looked at us, we looked funny too. The magnifying glass makes us look soooooo big and we are really little though. Our story today was called “Hide and Seek” under the sea. It was about a sea horse and an eel who became friends unexpectedly. Sometimes the most wonderful things happen when we least expect them to. Our activity today was matching coloured paddle pop sticks into colourful containers. We had red, orange, purple, blue, green and yellow paddle pop sticks and cups that are almost the same colours. Shoko was able to match them easily and she knew all of the colours. We are all good at many things and our teachers are always commenting on our own individual achievements which bring a smile to our faces. Yesterday Miya drew a person with a body while Shelley was sitting with her. This was her special achievement this week and Gento said his name when we sing our “Hello” song and that is his special achievement this week. Tokutaro rolled balls with the play dough and that was one of his special achievements this week.

We hope that Sophie will be better next week as she had a fever yesterday and we are looking forward to celebrating Emily’s 3rd birthday on Monday which is her actual birthday. Have a great weekend everyone

Love Shelley, Darren, Kana, and Goh