The Tanabata Story

Good morning everyone! What a wonderful day again in Buds class! We started our day with lots of smiles on our faces and we certainly love to see our friends and teachers at school. The weather was a bit gloomy but we knew that we’re still going to have so much fun with our friends. Today, we’re excited to see the various activities that our teachers prepared for us. We saw some materials on the table like paper cut-outs, pipe cleaners and shiny sheets of paper. On the sliding door, we found an artwork made by Hisami yesterday. It looks like a bamboo with little branches on it. Chiaki introduced us the Tanzaku. It’s a sheet of special paper that we write our wishes for Tanabata on Thursday. We could wish for anything we want. First, we drew some lines and shapes on our Tanzaku and pretended that we’re writing our wishes on it. The time was great to practice our fine motor skills in terms of scribbling and dotting with our markers. On the other table, we found some puzzles and started to work and fix them according to their pieces. It was really great for us to get used to fixing and putting all these toys together.

blog july 5 2016 secondIn our carpet area, we found some sensory toys like that curvy abacus and some little sliding toys. We were always interested to manipulate these things because of their colors and the sounds that they were making when we tried to move. Next, some of our friends stayed in the library and we started reading the book about “We’re going on a bear hunt”. It was a good quiet time and we definitely enjoyed looking at the pictures and hearing the story. We went to the park early today and ate our snacks there. We just loved the slides and swing but the other blue slide was dirty and wet so we have to pass on this one for today. Hopefully, tomorrow will be sunny so that we can also use the kiddie pool. We’re so ready to experience the fun of playing with the water.

We headed back to school and started singing some songs in the classroom. We focused on talking about the astronaut and John told us the story of how the astronauts do their jobs. They always go to the outer space to explore and see what to discover outside our planet. We also learned more about the rocket ship and how it helps the astronaut to go to the moon. We made a rocket ship using Lego and found a Lego man and pretended that he was an astronaut. We counted from one to ten and then the rocket ship blasted off and flew to the moon. After this entertaining story, Chiaki told us more about Tanabata. The story was about a man and a lady who got married but forgot to do their responsibilities. Later on, the God king told them that they could only meet once a year and that is every 7th of July. When it rains, they are not going to be able to see each other. Then, we talked about our wishes and one of our friends said that she wished for happiness.

We surely had a great day. Thank you so much Ohana for the wonderful day and see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class (Summer School 2016)