There's a Typhoon coming!

Dear Flower Class parents, We were very happy to see the beautiful sunshine again this morning when coming to school. We knew we would be able to go to the park for some outdoor exercise today. On the tables this morning we saw some blue paint, some white yarn and some green tissue paper. Pauline told us we were going to make a hurricane picture with the blue sky, white clouds and flying green leaves. We started off by painting our blue sky and then added some white glue and attached the white yarn. We then scrunched up the green tissue paper and also glued these to the paper too. Once we saw our friends making this picture we decided we wanted to try too. On the same table we saw the square paper we painted and cut last week ready to be folded into a paper windmill. Firstly we cut some vinyl tape and twisted it around the end of the wooden chopstick to make it a bit thicker. We then took a drawing pin and folded the four pieces in to the center and then pushed it into the wooden chopstick. We folded the ends in a little so that they didn’t hit the stick when it turns in the wind. On the second table we also tried a pastel picture and used the Spirograph set to draw nice patterns with the sparkly pens. On the carpet the Lego blocks were very popular and we built many things including several spaceships. The balancing game on the small table was also very popular this morning with many of us taking turns to put the balance pieces on the tray. We had a lot of fun dressing up this morning too with the princess and rock star costumes being the most popular with many of the girls. After packing away the toys we reviewed a couple of our class rules and then played a fun game where one of us hid under a big purple throw and our friends had to guess who it was hiding. After eating our snacks we headed for the park and enjoyed the sunshine today. The big slide was very popular today with many of us joining hands and sliding down. We also got together with our friends and made a short train of 3 or 4 of us in a line which looked like a train. Several of us wanted to use the water and make a house for the tadpoles which have now started to grow legs. After returning to the classroom we sang a few of our favorite songs and then it was time for our circle time. Pauline showed us a picture on the computer of a hurricane from the air. We learnt how there are different names in different parts of the world including a Hurricane, Typhoon and a Cyclone. We also heard how they are formed with a mixture of hot and cold air and are given their own names. The names go in an A,B, C order and the first one this year was called Alex. We then moved to the table to see a quick experiment where we set up some dominoes in a tray with some blue colored water. When we turned on the hair dryer the wind blew the water around and blew down the domino houses too. We then saw a video of a real typhoon with the ‘Storm Surge’ hitting the coast and knocking a man down on the ground. Tomorrow we will talk about what to prepare in case of a typhoon.

Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.

All our love, Darren, Pooja, Pauline & Ryoan