Pink cherry blossom cookie making

The rainy day meant that we had so many things to do and make in our classroom, among some free play time and regular routines etc. We started off by cutting out leaves because they were definitely missing from our Cherry Blossom trees. We used green paper which we cut up into different shapes. Some of us asked our teachers to draw leaves for us and we cut them out; some of us cut out shapes of our choice and then we pasted them onto the trees. We also used green tissue paper which we tore into strips, squeezed into OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

balls and then dipped in glue and pasted onto the tree.

We had to hang the tree to dry inside our classroom because it was raining and we couldn’t hang it on the washing line. It dried really quickly and then when we discussed the picnic, we could look at it and imagine what was missing. We said that there were no people, no food, no baskets, no games etc. So today after snack time, we drew pictures of people which our teachers cut out and we will paste them onto the tree background tomorrow morning.

We spoke in detail about how we look and where our legs and arms belong; what goes on our faces etc. We were very clear with our teachers as to what we needed and when it was time for us to draw, we found it a little bit challenging. Besides drawing ourselves we drew our family members who came along to the picnic too.

Some of us mentioned some of the equipment and toys that we had to play with e. g. ball and parachute. We are not sure if we can make a parachute but can think about it tomorrow when we continue working on this art project.

At the second table we saw many cups and pots, some brown soil, old plants that look like small trees and packets with pictures of flowers on them. What was inside the packets? We stood together around the table and each of us started to fill a pot up with brown soil. We could smell the soil and it was soft to touch. We looked at three different kinds of seeds and they were so different. The marigolds were tiny and we couldn’t imagine that they would grow and become flowers. The pansies were two colours and they were long and thin and the morning glories were the biggest and there not so many in the packet. We filled all of the pots up and then some of us went upstairs with Shelley to put them on the discovery deck. She went out in the rain and placed them in the planter boxes while we watched her through the window. We were very happy that it was raining because we knew then that the seeds were being well fed. We also gave them some blue liquid called fertilizer which adds food to the soil.


We will take care of them each day and check to see whether they have enough water, when the rain stops. Our teachers asked us some questions about certain subjects e. g. What is your favourite food? What is your favourite place? What is your favourite animal? And we had to think about the categories carefully. Many of us didn’t understand “insects” so our teachers gave us a few examples and we also were not so sure what “furniture” means. We don’t know why our teachers asked us all of these questions and look forward to knowing eventually what they are going to do with our thoughts and comments.

Finally, we did something that made our classroom smell like a bakery. Do you know what we made? We made cookies; but they were not ordinary cookies. They were pink cookies with many decorations on them. We mixed the cookie mixture with flour and an egg and added pink colouring to it. We were surprised because when we had finished rolling the dough we used sakura/cherry blossom cookie cutters and cut the shape of the cookies out. We will eat them at snack time tomorrow and share them with all of our friends.

We made a card for Anita who is going back to Brazil next week. She visited our classroom a few times to learn how to become a teacher and loved playing with us and learning from us and our teachers. We made a bag of cookies for her as well.

We hope that all of our friends stay dry on this rainy spring day and we hope that we will still be able to collect cherry blossoms.

Love always the children in Petals Class.