The Colorful Butterfly

Good morning everyone! Such a wonderful day outside and we’re pretty sure that the park will be very busy and crowded. We started our day with a big smile on our faces and then we said goodbye to our parents as well. Everybody seemed in a pretty mood and we’re always ready to explore and discover amazing things inside and outside the classroom. For our morning activities, we had our cutting practice. We saw strips of white and colored paper. Some of our little friends just ripped the paper off. Others were trying their very best to cut with the scissors but they were too big for them. Further inside the room, we had some stacking blocks and Lego trains outside. We tried to connect them one by one and we needed more practice to be able to put them altogether. Next up, we went to the library and took the books out that we wanted to look at for today. Then, we handed DSCN8753some books that our teachers can read for us. Sayaka was there all the time to read many books about animals. She was even making funny sounds so that our reading experience would somehow be a bit realistic.

On our art tables, we did the lion’s mane today. We had some paper plates that had big holes in the middle and then we put the glue around the paper plate and stuck the strips of orange, yellow and brown paper. For some friends, it was a bit challenging but our teachers explained to us thoroughly and we got the hang of it eventually. We then went to our circle time area and sang our favorite songs. One of our friends said that they wanted to sing “Go away, big green monster”. This song is for our Halloween event but it really made a great memory for him to still remember it.

During our circle time, we talked about the butterflies. We sang “Fly, fly the butterfly” then put our hands up and down, fly up quickly and slowly. We used our bodies to express our thoughts and excitement about the lesson. Next up, we also saw the picture of a butterfly but this time the picture was so big. So, we thought it was a giant butterfly. We were asked what was missing from our butterfly and we felt that the color was missing. One friend of ours said that the butterfly was white. Yes, indeed! There were so many kinds of butterflies and now we had to color our big creature with our markers. We took our turns and listened to our teachers carefully. At last, our butterfly became so extravagant!

Before we went to the park, we had the caterpillar puppet. It ate a lot of food and became really fat. We were all laughing and enjoying ourselves as we listened to our teachers. We had a fascinating time with our friends and teachers at the park. Thank you so much, Ohana for the great day again!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016