A beautiful day at Ohana

Good morning everyone! It was a beautiful day and we’re always happy to welcome our friends with a warm smile. Some of our friends just came today from the spring break and of course, it seemed that they missed our class so much. As we began our day, we did our morning jobs and finished what we needed to do just right before we played inside. DSCN8436   On our tables, we had some Mario Kart toys and Mr. Potato Head toy parts. We had a good practice of putting different parts on Mr. Potato Head. It was great to use our imagination as we decided which parts we wanted to put on. On the other table, we had our special watermelon art. Today, we had some paper plates, two trays of red paint and some big paintbrushes. First, our teachers helped us to cut the paper plates in half and then we used our paintbrush to spread the paint all over the plates. It was really nice because we always want to take this opportunity of spreading the color and just be creative with it at all times.

Inside our play area, we also took out some costumes that we could wear. One of our friends decided to put on the Spider-man costume and then the girls took out the princess’ costumes. Sharee creatively took the pirate hat and a dress. Then, she told us that she was a pirate princess today. We all sat down with her and she took the book entitled “The cheese and the tomato spider”. We really loved how she spent this time with us and she read the book beautifully. After the art and free play time, we cleaned up our classroom and began our next activity.

In our circle time, we surely missed singing our “Good morning” songs. We also felt that everyone was in the mood for singing so we all sang with full of joy in our hearts. Aiden (Darren’s son) was with us because it’s his vacation as of the moment so he’ll be helping us around. Thank you so much, Aiden! Then, we met two toy bears that John said were his friends. His friends could sometimes be very naughty because they were not really taking care of their belongings. For example, the small purple bear was not sitting nicely so he broke the chair. Then the big orange bear didn’t use the book properly hence a page of the book got broken too. Our teachers asked to think about why these things have happened. The reason behind it was, they were not being careful and gentle when they used their things around them. We also need to learn these things so that next time we can all sit down properly and take care of our books accordingly. For our last activity, we all stood up and started to dance. We sang the number song and the Wheels on the bus. These were our favorite songs in Buds class.

After snack time, we headed to the park and saw the beautiful weather outside. We certainly enjoyed our time with everyone from Ohana family. We used the slides, swing, sand box and the jungle gym. It’s always fun to move and run around with your friends.

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016