International month: South Korea

DSCN7651Good morning everyone! The sun was up again and we started our beautiful morning with a lovely greeting from our teachers and friends. We said goodbye to our mommies and we’re very glad to know that today was our special international month presentation once again. We began using our scissors for our cutting practice. Sayaka prepared some sheets that we could cut and we later found out that there were lines that we needed to follow as we went along. It was really challenging but our teachers were always there to support and help us all the way through. We’re also very lucky because it was such a good practice for our fine motor skills. We always wanted to develop these skills because it is also important for our learning. On the other table, we found a long roll of paper and we started coloring it with our crayons. We made a lot of scribbles and requested our teachers if they could help us with some drawings as well. We saw the big fish and the sharks and some of our friends said that they made dinosaurs and planes too. We really used our imagination for it is always significant for us to have this opportunity for growth and development. Play is also very important in our classroom; we found some dress up costumes and put them on one at a time. Our favorite was the dinosaur costume.  One friend of ours put on the Barney suit and started walking and roaring. He said that he was a scary dinosaur but at the same time he can also be very friendly.

South Korea was our theme for today. So, Inyoung (Yeonjae’s mom) and Simone (Bradley’s mom) came to our class. It was really amazing to see them both and teamed up for this special occasion. Inyoung wore their traditional dress which is called the “Hanbok”. She looked really stunning and we were so fascinated by how long her dress was. They took Yeonjae and Bradley and let them change their costumes as well. When we saw them both, we were very surprised because they were very beautiful and handsome. They looked like a Korean prince and princess. We also learned how to say hello in Korean, “Anyong hesayo”  or “Anyong”. Their language is called Hangul . And then, we learned more about their country. Simone explained and showed many pictures of South Korea. They also took Jegichagi out and showed us how to play with it. It was challenging but seeing the designs of the toy really entertained us. Next, we all danced to a traditional South Korean song about a frog. We really liked the song and we danced away with a big smile on our faces. After dancing, we took photos with them and gave them a big, warm hug. We moved to our snack tables and found the traditional sweet that they brought to us today. We had han gwa, yakwa and dasik (we hope we got all the names right). We couldn’t stop eating them. We loved every piece of it. Our friends were asking for a lot more. We truly enjoyed the presentation from the beginning until the very end. Simone and Inyoung, we are so grateful to have you with us today! Thank you so much!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016