Another work in progress

What a freezing cold day it was today. We were happy to go to the park, however we were also to be back inside our warm classroom; and the weatherman/weather lady, said that tomorrow it will be colder. We have already seen some cherry blossoms on the tree at the end of our road where the game shop is so we thought that spring was coming soon. Oh, no, we think that we are mistaken. We spent the day preparing a canvas for the GIVE event that we hope all of you are going to attend. If you go, you will be able to have fabulous food, see a Japanese candy maker performing his art, listen to wonderful, live, funky marimba music, buy fantastic auction items and………………………bid for our class painting. It is in the style of contemporary art and we started off by pasting some pieces of newspaper on it and then we used our spinning top markers and did some patterns. It is a work in progress and each day you will see here in our journal how it changes.

We spent a lot of time playing with the new train set that we have in our classroom. We love having the tracks already for us when we come to school as they are quite complicated to put together. There are mountains, tunnels and other accessories for the tracks and our trains from the Brio set work really well on these tracks. We played with our lovely soft green play dough and did some cutting and pasting.

When we were sitting together on the carpet we used a pretend microphone and Hisami interviewed Sofia to ask her: “How old are you today? What is your wish since you are now three years old?” Sofia said: “I want to have a present”. Hisami asked: “What kind of present do you want?” Sofia replied: “A watch”. Then Hisami interviewed all of us and not all of us wanted to say something. Aaila


said: “I have five children at home and I went skiing”. Dominik said that he would like a bicycle for a present.

We of course read our Whacky Wednesday book and these are the ten whacky things that we noticed: The tree was wearing a shoe; the lady was pushing a stroller on top of the limousine; the man was sitting on a bench in the pond; the giraffe came out of a manhole; the boy was taking the alligator on a leash for a walk; the man on the horse statue, was sitting back to front; the flag pole was wearing a shoe; one of the buildings was floating above the ground; there’s a shoe on the bonnet of the limousine; the wheel of the limousine doesn’t have an axle.

We had puzzle names to put together on the carpet and all of us were able to match the letters to make our entire name. We took a while to complete them as we all looked really carefully at the letters to see if they were in the correct order. We found our names on the white board and changed the calendar. Today is Sofia’s actual birthday so we sang “Happy Birthday to


you” and she showed us three fingers on her one hand, so that we knew how old she is. On Friday we are having a party for all of our friends whose birthdays are February, except Akari, because she is sick. We want to send our love to her and “get well soon” wishes and look forward to celebrating with her when she comes back….singing and doing activities together.

We have been improvising and playing imaginatively with the plastic dinosaur figurines and our field trip to the museum really left an impression on us. Not only did we see amazing things but the whole experience together with our parents, friends and teachers away from school, was so meaningful and fun.

We look forward to seeing more friends back at school with us tomorrow.

Thanks for more fun each and every day in Petals Class.

Love always the children in Petals Class.