Dress up time!

Good morning everyone! We had a great time again sharing our toys with our friends and teachers. We began our day by doing our morning jobs and then we went straight to the classroom and found some costumes and hats that we could wear in the morning for our pretend play. We loved to dress up and show our teachers how we portrayed different characters in the classroom. We saw a beautiful princess and Spider-man. They were so funny and showed us what they wore proudly. We also found out a tool box and opened it. We got so excited to see the toys inside. We found some screw drivers, clippers and many more. We took the helmet out and pretended that we were builders. One of our friends said that she was trying to build a tower and others pretended that they were mechanics. They said that they wanted to fix a car. “What’s wrong with the car?” our teachers asked. And then, we replied, “The car is not moving”. So our teachers told us that we could really repair the car so that it could move again. On our tables, we had the play dough and some utensils to use. We decided to make a lot of animals and showed them to our teachers. We said that we were making a snake, elephant, frog and a rabbit. The most popular one to do was the snake. Simply because it was easier and we just had to roll the play dough until it became very, very long. We were so glad that our teachers noticed this and gave us a lot of praise by how we went along with our sculpting. Good job, Buds! We also did the Indian flag again and told the colors to our teachers. We found orange, white, green and blue. It was really amazing on how we tried to copy exactly what’s on the flag. But of course, it would always come out differently. We then used the newspaper to pat our wet hands and dry up the paint. And you know what; we have made beautiful patterns with our hand stamping. Hopefully, we can also put this on display.

In our circle time, we started singing our morning songs. It was really good to know our friends’ names. We then said a big good morning. And we smiled all throughout the day. We also sang the “How are you today?” and we just loved showing our funny faces to everyone. As part of our review today, we talked about the Indian flag again and saw all the colors. And then, Indy (he’s a teddy bear from India) said hello to us and it was so cool that his skin color, eyes and tummy match to the flag of India as well. We also talked about what Indy likes to do. He said that he likes dancing. He also asked us if we could dance too. We took turns and danced in the middle of our circle together with the bongo drum. It was awesome that everyone can show off their talent and confidence. Then, we learned some Bollywood dancing today and dance to the tune of Jai Ho.

It was a cloudy weather but we still went to the park and met Flowers and  Petals there. Our big brothers and sisters love to play with us if there’s a chance. Thank you so much, Ohana for the magnificent day at school. See you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016