Colors around us

DSCN6869Good morning Buds! It was gloomy day again and the weather is slowly changing as we head now to another season this year. We did our morning jobs and we all did it by ourselves. Our bigger friends really helped the little ones to make sure that they have done their jobs appropriately. Of course, we always have to say thank you if someone will help us in and out of the classroom. We also want to welcome Anita our new teacher for Buds class. We love her being here and she’s very good with little children as well. We had the play dough on our morning tables. And it was always a great way for everyone to be able to manipulate and mold different types of figures. We also love to make some figures for our teachers. We always DSCN6898made food and offered them to our teachers. We went to the other side of the table for our art activity. Our international month is focused in learning many countries specifically about their flags.  So today, our teachers told us if we could make our own flags. We had some construction paper and colored tapes. We started putting on the tape and used our markers to make sure that our flags would be more beautiful.

During our circle time, we danced to John's music while he played the piano. We were cooperative and were able to perform different actions. We sang our rainbow song and talk about colors. We got the pen markers and talked about how to hold it properly. Then, we learned the colors and the things we wear. For example, our teachers would ask who’s wearing green today and our friends would respond what color they have on their clothes. DSCN6899We also had our gym class today. We practiced the simple workout that Miyashita-sensei taught us before. We're very excited to imitate the animal actions again. We really loved doing the bunny hop and the bear crawl. We also did some circle movement activities. Miyashita-sensei asked us about what we wanted to eat and then some of us said ice cream and others said cake. Lastly, we did the ghost game wherein we stayed in one carpet and when Miyashita-sensei would say the ghost was coming, we all went to the other side of the room so that the ghost wouldn’t catch us.

We didn’t go to the park because of the weather. But we played with the tunnel cloth. It was fun to use it and it really helped to move more around the classroom. We love being active. We also danced a lot and showed our friends the great moves that we have.

Thank you so much Ohana! See you again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016