Valentine's Day Gift Making

It was so unfortunate that today we only had 6 friends in Flowers Class. Several of our friends were sick today, and we hope they all make a speedy recovery. We all miss you and hope to see you again tomorrow to play. On the table this morning we saw one of our favorite activities; yes, play-dough. We love using the blue playdough to make lots of cakes and cookies for our friends and family with the play-dough. On the small table we saw some pink heart shaped cards and wondered “Why are there pink heart cards”? We then realized that soon it will be Valentine’s Day and that the cards were for us to write in and decorate for our families. We started by writing inside the words ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ and then decorated the front with some paper hearts and drew pictures too. We put our names on the cards and they will go with our special Valentine’s Day gifts. The free drawing activity was also popular this morning and some of us used the stencils to draw airplanes and flowers on colored paper. In the park we saw lots of big children from Nishimachi International School and so we went to the green fenced area there to play. We had a great time playing “What’s the time Mr. Wolf” with our friends and soon needed to rest. In circle time we started by reading 2 books all about love and how we can show that we love our mommies, daddies, brothers, sisters, grandparents and friends. The first book was called ‘Love and Kisses’ about a girl that kisses her cat, which then kisses a cow, which in turn kisses a goose etc. In the end the kisses returned to the little girl. The second book we read was called ‘Spot Loves his Mommy’ about all the things Spot’s mommy does for him because she loves him. We then moved to the table where we saw some brown oven paper laid out on the table for each of us. Pooja then showed us some wonderful yellow, red, green and blue marzipan made by one of room mom’s Huijin. She was not feeling well today unfortunately but very kindly organized everything for us to do the activity.. It looked just like play-dough and we started off by rolling the marzipan into a ball and using the rolling pin we rolled it flat. We used a cookie cutter next to cut a circle and then a big surprise…some yummy strawberries appeared. We used the yellow marzipan to wrap the strawberries and then used the other colors to add some lovely decoration to the outsides. One of our mommies then arrived to lend a hand with this and helped us make some beautiful gift strawberries for our loved ones. We then transferred the decorated strawberries to the heart shaped gift boxes we have been making. They look wonderful! Well done Flowers Class! Our special mommy then read a great book to us all called ‘Snuggle Puppy’ and we soon realized there is a song too in the book. Thank you Ali for all your help, and great book experience. Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.

All our love, Darren, Pooja and Ryoan.