Wacky Wednesday

We were happy to see Laly at school today since she had been sick with a fever. From now on, we won’t say that we had a big class because our class is big every day. We are really enjoying playing with our friends and learning more about each other every day. Today we sat together in a large circle and spoke about eggs. We remembered that eggs can come in many different colours and sizes so we set about making small, medium, large and some larger eggs for our next enquiry. We looked at paper that was black and white and Dominik said that it was newspaper. Daiki said that you look at the newspaper, when Shelley asked us, what we do with it. We chose a few pieces of newspaper and squeezed the paper into an oval shape. Oval is the new word that we learnt this week as this is the shape of an egg. It is similar to a circle in that it has no end and no beginning, but the shape is not round. Once we had squeezed the newspaper, we selected a piece of tissue paper and wrapped it around the newspaper; and then taped it. We have quite a lot of OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

colours in our egg basket viz. purple, green, white, peach, blue, yellow and pink.

We played some games with our eggs; we balanced them on our legs and lifted our bottoms off the floor; we put them between our chin and chest and tried to hold it tightly; we tried to balance them on our shoulder; we tried to balance them on our head. We then curled up and tried to make our bodies look like an egg. We chose an animal that hatches from an egg and said that we were that animal, and we pretended to be that animal e. g. a turtle, a chicken and a snake. During the morning we played with play dough, did drawings and prepared birthday cards for our friends who have or had their birthday in January. We are looking forward to celebrating with them soon, we think! We love birthdays and have three friends who are celebrating this month.

Earlier in the day, Hisami sat with us and we counted how many children were at school today. We counted fourteen. She took


fourteen markers with one marker each representing us and we tried to draw fourteen in the air. Fourteen is a one and four. We sang “Rock scissors paper” and made shapes. We had so many ideas when you have paper and paper; we suggested wings with paper, also a crab and bunny ears. Liezel sat on the mat with some of us and read “Goldilocks and the three bears”. We love having certain stories read over and over to us and always find things to add to the stories when we read them over and over.

At the tables we played with play dough however our experiment, not to cook it doesn’t seem to have been successful. While we love playing with it, it is really dry and crumbly. We will make some more play dough this week and cook it like we used to and see what happens. Play dough can be temperamental during all seasons; in summer it can get sticky because of the humidity and in winter, it usually gets dry but not as


quick as this play dough did. Tomorrow we are cooking so we will rather add “making play dough” to our schedule for Friday. We made drawings on small pieces of paper and you can see some of our creations.

We were so excited to see new fairy/butterfly wings in the dress up area. There was one pair in pink and one in blue together with head bands and wands. Our teachers didn’t tell us yet, that there are buttons on the wand that make lights flash on the wings…….

Love always the children in Petals Class.