Wacky Wednesday

We had a morning with Hisami and Liezel mostly because Shelley had to go and visit a school in Jiyugaoka. On our activity tables, we worked on our “Shimekazari” and our “hagoita”. For our hagoita, we squeezed newspaper into small balls and then put the picture that we chose from the computer, over it, and glued it onto our hagoita. We glued it onto the side that was plain. The other side has the beautiful patterned origami on it. We will put ribbon on the handles tomorrow and then they will be complete. Our “Shimekazari” are taking a little longer because we have many parts to make that when put together, become our “Shimekazari”. We will continue working on them until we are all finished. Liezel sat with us and we changed the calendar with her. We sang “There are seven days in a week” and then worked out, with the help of some of our friends that today is Wednesday. We read “Wacky Wednesday” and turned out to be a real “Wacky Wednesday”. We will tell you later. We changed the weather to sunny but instead of going to play in the park; we went upstairs to the discovery deck and played there. It was a lot of fun without the logistics that go with changing shoes, putting on jackets, smocks, beanies, gloves etc,


when we go to the park.

We cooked some food in the kitchen area using the white and black stones. We pretended to water some flowers with the jugs and other containers. It was lovely because the sun peeped through the diamond shapes of the lattice so we could feel some warmth. We also spent some time on the third floor playing with toys and having story time. Now we will go back to “Wacky Wednesday”! In the book that we read, we found two things that we thought were “wacky”; the shoes were walking by themselves, and one girl didn’t have a neck. We looked really carefully to see what things were a bit “wacky”; and the reason why it really was a “Wacky Wednesday” at Ohana was because the toilet downstairs flooded. There were workmen at school the entire day and they only left the school in the night and the toilet is still not fixed. Luckily most of our friends in Buds Class are in diapers; but it was so noisy during nap time, they came to our class for nap time…….so it was like Petals Class had a sleepover with Buds Class today. Everyone had a good sleep and some of our smaller friends who were a little distressed, were soothed to sleep which made it a quiet restful time for the rest of us. So this is what made the day really “wacky”. We didn’t feel the “wackiness” as much as our teachers.

We sang the obento song in Japanese. We made a big box and put some plastic food in it…..onigiri, ninjin (carrot), sakurambo (cherries), shitake (mushroom), gobou (burdock), and renkon (lotus root). We did actions with the song. There were 13 children in Petals Class today so we practiced writing the numbers one and three in the air. One is quite easy because it is just a vertical line. It was a great day and one where we all had to learn to embrace change and manage some new things that were happening today.

Love always the children in Petals Class.