Let’s play some music

Good morning everyone! It’s a great day again in Buds class because we were able to meet more new friends today. We welcomed them with so much warmth and happiness in our hearts. We started our day with some activities on our table. We did our xylophone paper art wherein we had to choose different colors of paper cut outs and stick them accordingly. Here, we had four different sizes of paper cut outs so we needed to make sure that we put them on the appropriate location. This activity was very good in recognition and differentiation of sizes and it’s always better to challenge ourselves by what we can do and what skills we can explore more. We also did some first drawings on our portfolio. Some DSCN5663friends of ours just stayed in the play area and began to use the different construction blocks in our classroom. We also took out some cars and trucks as requested by one of our friends. The Lego and the dollhouse were quite popular to everyone. We loved to construct railways using our Lego blocks and lined our cars on top of them – just like a train of cars.

We also had some puzzles on the other side. Some of our friends spent a lot of time fixing and putting the pieces together. We hope that we could do this more because it can also help us with our logical thinking and spatial awareness. We really like experimenting and discovering many things around our classroom.

During our circle time, we sang a new song about our body movements. Last time, we talked about body sounds and this time we’re going to use the different sounds and dance at the same time. We clapped our hands, snapped our fingers, stomped our feet, patted our lap and sang “la, la, la”. It was fun because we enjoyed moving and showing dancing prowess to our teachers and friends.

We weren’t able to go to the park because we needed more practice on how to hold the rope. Definitely, we will do this tomorrow so that we can be well- prepared for our park time. So for now, we have a beautiful garden upstairs so we will try to stay there for the meantime.

Thank you so much Ohana for the great day and see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016 J