Taiko workshop

It was a fabulous day of Taiko with Moko sensei and her assistants, Kaitlyn and Hanae. Getting there was a bit of an ordeal because the heavens opened and rain poured down, so we couldn’t walk there. We were so lucky because some of our mums and dads offered to help take us there. We want to say a big thank you to Ale, Alexa’s mum and Naoko, Taiyo’s mum for putting us into their cars, keeping us safe and dry and taking us all the way up the hill to the Azabu Kumin Center. We arrived and as we walked down the stairs, we heard the sound of the drums…….we were so excited and ran down the slope to the hall. Our Buds Class friends were just finishing off their lesson and we got ready, with our hachimaki/bandanas and waited for them


to have their group photo.

We played on the skin and the rim and danced around the drum for taiko picnic. Most of us enjoyed the sound of the drums and the vibrations that they made in the hall. It was really loud. We also had the opportunity to play some percussion instruments; we had maracas, a kane and tambourines. Some of us had a lot of fun running around the room with the instruments in our hands. We were having so much fun that we forgot to play the instruments.

We really enjoyed playing the taiko drums with our parents and look forward to the next one that Moko sensei will arrange for us later in the year. We hope that more of our friends will be able to attend.

During the morning we added some stickers to our crayon and dye art works that we did earlier in the week. We had a selection of animal and nature stickers and had fun putting crocodiles, monkeys, zebras, lions, palm trees, butterflies, flowers, suns and more on


our page.

We want to thank our teachers and friends for a wonderful first term in Petals Class and we look forward to sharing many more fun, learning experiences with everyone next term. We are also happy to welcome some new friends from Buds Class so there will be many more friends in our Petals Class from January.

Wishing you all a wonderful festive season, filled with magic, fun filled days, adventure, laughter, good food, family, friends, maybe some warm sunshine, love and joy. Happy holidays and see you in 2016.

Love always the children in Petals Class.