Puzzles and Santa Claus

Good morning everyone! What a lovely Wednesday! We greeted our friends and teachers with a wonderful smile on faces. This was our last Wednesday for this year but we’re definitely enjoying every moment that we have in Buds class. We just love being at Ohana and there was never a dull moment playing and socializing with our friends and teachers. On our art tables, we still continued doing the snowman art. It was really a fun art because our friends and teachers enjoyed touching and playing with the soft cotton. The good thing about this art activity was the idea of cutting the paper and feeling the cotton at the same time. For little children like us, we always need to learn things through touch so that we can understand our environment more in terms of feelings and instinctive approach.

DSCN5430  We also had some puzzles pieces on the table that we could fix. Some of the puzzles now were getting more and more challenging because we encountered more than ten pieces now. For some friends, it was very easy to do but of course for the new ones, we were a bit hesitant to finish everything. But at the end of the activity, it was very fun to share these things with one another.

During our circle time, we sang our morning songs and the new “Little Snowflake” song that we learned from yesterday. So, we took out our snowflakes and waved them around and put them on our nose, head and in our hands. It was a nice song to sing every day especially when the snow comes in winter. Then, we talked about a fat, bearded and old but funny man. His name is Santa Claus and he loves to fly around with his reindeer to give gifts around the world. They said that if we’re nice we can get presents from him but if we’re naughty we can still make it up with him until the night before the special day. So, we all chose to be nice and happy to our friends and teachers.  Then, we read the story of “Here comes Santa Claus”, the words were from the song itself and the illustrations were astounding.

We went to the park today. It was a good weather but we had to wear our winter clothes because it is really getting colder now. Thank you so much Ohana for the great time!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class