Paper Clay Snowmen

Dear Flower Class parents, We were sad to hear that Ayaka was not well last night and wasn’t able to come and play with us today. We hope she feels better and is able to come to the birthday party tomorrow morning. This morning on the art table we worked on our small pine cone Christmas trees and our big green paper trees. With the small pine cone tress we added some more paint, some beads and some sparkly shapes. They look very good and we will take them home this week. The paper trees needed a few more jewels and to finish them off we had the choice of a big red bow or a golden shooting star to put on the top. The teachers helped us glue these onto the top with a special hot glue gun. On the main table we saw the white snowflakes we made with origami paper last week. This morning we needed to choose a color we liked and carefully put glue on our cut snowflake. We then carefully glued it to the colored piece and it made the snowflake look very pretty. In the carpet area the box of ocean creatures and fishing rods were very popular along with the memory game on the table. On the floor there were lots of white Styrofoam pieces being used with the cars. We told the teachers this was the snow and the cars were slipping and sliding all over the place. After our yummy snack we headed outside for a short walk and went to the pond area. There we noticed that all the reeds and plants have been cut back and we could see lots of big orange koi swimming around. Next to the pond we noticed that the water coming into the pond comes from a big pipe which we thought was a sewer but we soon realized that the fish wouldn’t like to swim in dirty water so it must be rainwater. When we came back from our walk it was time for our gym class with Miyashita Sensei. We started our warm up with some jumps, some stretching and balancing on one leg. We then did some big jumps like a rabbit and then like a frog. We broke into groups next to practice our throwing and catching. We tried overhand and underarm throws to our teachers who caught the balls and threw them back. We then did the same activity but this time we didn’t know if the teachers were going to roll the ball across the floor or throw the ball in the air for us to catch. For the final game we needed to avoid being touched by the ball as it was rolled across the floor. The ball was fast and we had lots of fun. We needed to stay inside the square marked on the floor which made it a lot of fun. In circle time we read a book called ‘Froggy’s best Christmas’ about Froggy dreaming of the snow. At the end of each page the teachers asked us some questions which we got right. We then saw on the table some Styrofoam balls and squares which had been joined together. We then rolled some art clay to make a ball for the snowmen’s heads and a piece for their hats. It was not so easy rolling the art clay but we did a good job!

Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.

All our love, Darren, Maki, Goh San and Ryoan.