Turkey Art

What a wonderful morning! We greeted our teachers and friends with so much love and affection with the tone of our voices. We loved giving our teachers a warm hug that truly started our day with so much enthusiasm.   On our activity tables, we saw the winter art. Today, we’re going to spray some more paint on and rip tissue paper into tiny pieces so that when we stick it to the paper, it creates a good effect on the big painting. Yesterday, we used stamps, rollers and our own hands to make sure that we covered the paper with white and blue. And today, we added some yellow, green and blue spray paint, glitter, as well as green, purple and blue pieces of shredded paper. Winter and Christmas are getting near and near each day so it is better for us to understand more about the season and the celebration that we’re going to have for next month. On the other table, it was our time to do the turkey art. We used the tissue rolls, cut-out paper plate, colored tissue paper (yellow, red, brown) and googly eyes. The first step was to rip the tissue paper and paste them on the paper plate. Then, we had to stick the paper plate on the tissue roll. Then, we stuck the eyes and the mouth to make the face of the turkey. It was really good because we were able to know that feathers are very important for the turkey, hen, ostrich and many more because they keep them warm during the cold season. During circle time, we sang our morning songs. But before that someone hid behind the guitar. Was it John? Oh no it wasn’t. He was not feeling well so was taking the day off. (We missed him). None of us could play the guitar so we sang our songs extra loud instead. Then Sharee started drawing something on the paper. Rupert worked out that it was a bird but nobody could guess what kind yet. It was a turkey and we wondered why there was a turkey on the paper. We talked about how it is American Thanksgiving and even though most of us are not from America and celebrate it, it is still nice to think and talk about what we are thankful for. The teachers went first and talked about why they love their Mummies and Daddies and then Buds had to come up, choose a feather and with some (or lots) of prompting, talk about loving Mum and Dad. They are happy because Mum and Dad play with them, make them yummy food and look after them. Everyone agreed they love their Mummy and Daddy. We couldn’t go to the park so after some dancing and movement songs, we played a running game. We took turns running to the end of the room, ringing the bell and running back. It was good to burn some energy before lunch. Thank you

Sayaka, Sharee and Goh