Beautiful Butterflies

Dear Flower Class parents, We were glad to be back in school today after the long weekend and the weather looked a little grey this morning. On the table we saw some bright sparkly gold and silver paint alongside some big rollers and white construction paper. The teachers told us we would be starting our Christmas cards today for our parents and family members. There were also 2 cards with Christmas trees on the front which were raised above the surface. We were going to do some printing today using the gold and silver paint. Alongside the raised cards were some stars and some snowflakes too. To make the cards we first had to choose which color paint we wanted to use; the gold or the silver. We then chose where we wanted the snowflakes or stars and placed them on the main card. Then using the roller we spread the gold or silver paint onto the raised tree, star and snowflake images. We put a piece of white paper on top of the tree image and using a clean roller we pressed down on the paper. When we lifted the paper we saw a beautiful gold or silver tree printed on the surface. We are going to add some more sparkly details tomorrow and write our names inside too. On the second table we saw the stars we have been making with wire and colored yarn. The next step today was to add some sparkly fine yarn to the outside surface. We chose two colors and the teachers helped us glue the ends of the yarn and then we twisted the yarn around the star in a pretty pattern. On the carpet area the wood and plastic construction set was very popular and we made a motorbike and other vehicles. Some of us used the plastic tube roller set and joined the pieces together. It made a very long tube which sounded really funny when we talked to our friends through it. We then had a short circle time where we talked about how life changes and we saw two beautiful butterflies that our friends had made. It was a good time to reflect on our friends and family and how sometimes we lose friends and family members. We lit a candle and several of us told us how they had family members pass away and that it made us feel sad. We all have lots of hugs in us to give to our friends if they feel sad and need them. We took a few moments to watch the candle burn and then closed our eyes to think of our friends and families. After snack time we got ready for the park but just as we were leaving it started to rain and had to change out of our outdoor clothes again. We went to the library area again to look at some books with Ayaka and Maki. In circle time we reviewed all of the sounds we have done this term and then broke into groups of three to make words with all these sounds. We used the letters S, A, T, I, P, N, C, K, E, H, R, M, and D. We made lots of words in our groups and cheered if we got it right. We then introduced our new sound for this week; G. We practiced in our notebooks and then drew some pictures of things beginning with G such as; goat, girl, golf ball, golf clubs, and goldfish.

Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow

All our love, Darren, Ayaka, Maki & Ryoan