The story of a turnip

DSCN4897What a good day to greet our friends and teachers! We all started our day with so much positivity and it was cool to see everyone with a big smile. We did our jobs as always and some of us were really independent and we felt very accomplished in doing them. Later on, we went to the play area to see the doll house and some connecting blocks on the floor. We spent a lot of time using our imagination and creativity in making our world full of fantasy and adventure. On our activity tables, we had some threading activities. We took out the shapes with holes and started working on them one by one. We still had the counting bowls and began to work on them too. It's fascinating how we chose our tasks carefully and our teachers were very supportive by giving us the right learning opportunities each day. With the lacing task, some of us needed some help from our teachers. We are still learning how to thread the laces nicely and neatly.

Today, we worked on our Christmas cards. We took some carved potatoes and turned them into ornament stencils for stamDSCN4902ping. We then dipped them in white and yellow paint and stamped them on our cards. The effect was fabulous and we had an incredible time making nice patterns on our cards.

In our circle time, we sang our morning songs. Saying good morning and knowing how we are today really gave us more confidence and established a good relationship with one another. The farmer in the dell was our song of the week, so we practiced it with our teachers too. We loved singing while doing the actions with our friends and teachers. Then, Nanako read a beautiful for us. It was all about a family who liked to dig the turnip out from the ground. It was a bit challenging for them to take it out so even the animals were able to lend a hand just to help them with what they needed to do.

Park time is always good and important for us so we were very excited to have this time with our friends and teachers. We loved running around the green area. What a good exercise for us too. Thank you so much Ohana for the wonderful day and hope to see you again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016