The Very Busy Spider

DSCN4332Hello Wednesday! The weather was great today and we felt that we’re going to have a wonderful time again outside. But before we had to go there, we looked at our tables and saw many things that we can do today. On one table, we saw the scooping and pinching activities. Together with the salt tray, this learning experience was very valuable for us. We saw the dried leaves and some stones in the tray. We also had some small sensory wooden trays where we could put the pine cones and some chickpeas for picking and scooping. It was a good practice for us because we were able to use our fingers for further fine motor skills development. On the other table, we had set up the spider art. Nanako helped us out with material preparation and it was amazing how she had helped us all the way through. It was also amazing to know that this art activity was not just to make art but also to practice our threading and lacing skills. The paper plate had many holes in it and we had to put the yarn in the holes so that we could make a spider web after finishing the whole activity. We then chose the pipe cleaners that we could use for our spider legs.

In our circle time, we did our warm-up exercises with our teachers. We jumped, marched, turned around and made some side DSCN4338steps for the first song. Next, we all sat down and sang the new good morning song. It was nice to see everyone again just to greet them and mentioned their names too. No wonder, most of us can already play with one another because of the established rapport. After that, we talked about the spider. We sang itsy, bitsy spider and did the actions that we learned from before. We also felt that some of our new friends needed some help so we showed how to do it. We learned the body parts of the spider. We saw the big and small circles and drew the lines for the legs and dots for the eyes. We counted the spider’s legs and we found out that they were eight. We can count their legs so we drew them on the whiteboard. We also saw the spider web beside it.

After our circle time, we did our monthly fire drill and we knew that we needed to cover our faces. We went out of our classroom safely. Then, we lined up and and strolled around Azabu-juban. Sayaka helped us out to get to know more of our neighborhood. We saw the shoe polish place, some deli restaurants and noodle shops. It was really fun!

Thank you so much Ohana and hope to see you all again tomorrow!

Lots o f love,

All the children from Buds class 2015 – 2016 J