Sweet potato hot cakes

Today we were back at school with lots to talk about after our fabulous Sweet Potato digging excursion yesterday. We looked at four different sweet potatoes and noticed that they were all long but quite unique in their shape. One was enormous and one was really tiny and thin; one of them had a pointy part on the top and another had a squiggly part like a hook. We used pencils and tried to draw them. We tried to make sure that we had drawn four of them on our paper. You can see a picture of them here below, together with some of our friends drawing. While some of us were drawing, we were chopping up sweet potatoes and cooking them. Once they were cooked, we mashed them and then added them to our hotcake mixture. Most of us helped prepare the sweet potatoes and the mixture before the cooking began. You can imagine how much fun we had because we chatted about yesterday’s wonderful sweet potato digging excursion. When we were


peeling the sweet potatoes, we saw that they were not the same colour as the ones we took out of the ground. Yesterday they were a deep pink and covered in soil but today they were purple. We were not sure how they changed colour. Our teachers washed them yesterday afternoon so maybe this could be one of the reasons. We put the mixture into the food processor to make the sweet potatoes blend a bit more with the hot cake mixture. Some of us are really fussy with our food and think that vegetables belong in the ground and are for animals to eat. Our teachers are quite clever at disguising things so they ‘hid’ the sweet potato inside the hot cake mixture and all of us ate them. We had some when they came out of the pot and we had more when it was snack time. Yummmmm! We didn’t know that sweet potatoes could taste so delicious.

We spent time completing our large orange and black art work for Halloween and blew bubbles in the paint. When we see a straw, we automatically think that we need to suck on it but with the bubble paint, we needed to blow. It was a bit tricky for some of us. The painting dried during the morning so our teachers were able to put it up on the wall. We have many more


decorations to put up but will wait until next week to make our classroom feel truly “Halloweenish”.

We sang “Five little leaves” and then we sang “Nine little ghosts”. We really love these two songs, especially the ghost one because we anticipate the spider coming and then run away, when it is our turn. We looked for our names in a different way today. Shelley put them on the board on the right and we had to see if we could find our own name and then put it on the board on the left, which said “I am here today”. Almost all of us were able to recognize our names and find them amongst those of our friends. We held hands in a circle and did actions including Halloween characters. We chose to fly like a bat, say boo like a ghost, crawl like a spider, ride a broom like a witch, make ourselves round like a pumpkin, and at the very end one of our friends went “toowit toowoo” and we thought, what sound is this. Is this a Halloween sound? Daiki said it is the sound of an owl. Sometimes you may see an owl in a tree when it is Halloween. We also remembered that we made an owl which is on the wall, when we were talking about “Hands”.

We enjoyed playing in the park even though it was really busy

See you tomorrow when it is Alexa’s real 3rd birthday.

Love all the children in Petals Class