Rain, rain, come again. Flowers class loves the rain

Dear Flower Class parents, When we came into the class this morning, we saw red containers half filled with water, and some fish swimming in it. Next to them were fishing rods. We all enjoyed fishing, over and over again. We were careful while playing with the water and none of us got too wet or spilled any water!

There were two craft activities on the big table. One was the sand art from yesterday, for those who hadn’t had a chance to do it, so we were all able to finish our sand art pictures. On the other end of the big table, we saw paper balls, orange paint and staplers along with brushes. In the middle, we saw a scary Jack-o’ lantern. Some of us immediately knew it was an activity for Halloween, Could it be for candy? It looked like it was.

After writing our name on the bottom, we stapled the two bowls together. It was not so easy for all of us to squeeze the stapler in our little hands; we asked for some help from our teachers. After stapling the bowls together, we colored them all in orange. We thought it would be very easy, since all we had to do was color the ball in one color, but the area we had to paint was so vast, it took longer than we thought it would. By the time we finished painting them, some of us had to say a big “Ahhhhh…” because we were bit tired.

We couldn’t go outside because of the rain, so we decided to have a loooooong reading time. Our teachers read not one, not two, but THREE books for us, and we wanted more. Then, we decided to make one long boat all together and sang “row, row, row your boat”. When we came to the end, singing, “if you see a crocodile, don’t forget to scream”, all of our friends in the front ran to the end of the line, and we would start the song all over again with our new captain in the front.

Then our teacher asked what rain songs we knew. So we sang “Rain Rain Go Away” and “Incy Wincy Spider”, followed by two Japanese rain songs, “Amefuri”, and “Amefuri Kumano-ko”. Our teacher drew a picture of the song for “Amefuri Kumano-ko”, so we could have a better understanding of what the song was about. It was about the rain that fell on a mountain, which became a small river. Then a cub bear came along to look for the fish in the river, but couldn’t find any so he decided to have a drink from the river and put a leaf on his head to use it as an umbrella. We saw another drawing of rain, and it was very pretty so we decided to draw one for ourselves. When we sat at the table, our teacher showed us a very long black stick. It was called Charcoal. We learned that charcoal is very fragile and that we needed to use them very gently, or it will break. When we held the charcoal in our hands, it made our hands very black and dirty, but we also enjoyed gently scrubbing on our drawing so it would get a bit blurry, which also made our hands very dirty. Some of us forgot the tip that our teacher gave us, and we touched our faces………and we ended up with black faces!

After washing our hands, nice and clean, we all sat back on the carpet and one by one, we introduced what we had drawn to our friends. Some of us had drawn an umbrella, or a rainy ocean. When one of us drew snow on the paper instead of the rain, we learned that the rain and the snow are the same thing, and that rain is just melted snow. All of our drawings looked very nice and beautiful.


All our love, Ayaka, Maki and Goh.