People, things and places

What a beautiful and cold morning! It was a nice time to start our day with fun activities waiting for us. We greeted our friends and teachers with so much energy and finding our favorite toys on the carpet made our day simply amazing. On our activity table, we found the play dough set with feathers, wooden sticks, Popsicle sticks and some pipe cleaners. Many of us stayed for a long period of time in this area because we like to imagine different things with our play dough. One friend told our teachers that she was making a baked potato and then she put some little wooden sticks (she was trying to put candles on the potato). And then another friend of ours stuck some feathers and pipe cleaners and he said that it was an ice-cream. He also mentioned that he likes the chocolate ice-cream. On the carpet, we found the wooden trains and tracks. We really enjoyed connecting the tracks because our teachers were helping us to build and construct more stations on our railway.

Our art table was also very interesting. We saw some newspaper and white paper. First, our teachers told us to rip the newspaper because we’re going to make the giraffe skin. The newspaper will be the brown patches of color and the rest of the white paper will be yellow. We did a very good job sticking and crumpling our newspaper and it was also a perfect way to practice our fine motor skills. We were also instructed to use the brown paint only on the newspaper so we really have to be careful not to paint on the white paper. This is going to be our group project so we’ll continue to work on this tomorrow.

In our circle time, we sang our regular morning songs. Sharee showed us the places that we can find in our community. We saw the school, hospital, car park and the zoo or also known as the wildlife park. She then took out the bucket and in there you can find some figurines of people, animals and toy cars. We then categorized all of these toys according to the places that they should belong to. We certainly did a wonderful job for we arranged all of them easily. Then, we sang a song about what animals can do. We walked like a lion, elephant, monkey and etc. And then, there was the “Monkey song” by the Wiggles. It was a great song for us to dance around the classroom.

We went to the park today and it was always fun to play there. Ohana is our second home so it is always nice to stay here and learn many things from one another. Have a good day!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016 J