Friday friends

We had a great day even though Shelley was not here. We met her mum from Australia and we are looking forward to seeing her again when we have our Sports Day on Monday at Nanzan Shogakko. We practiced some of the races that we will be doing at our Sports Day and look forward to sharing the day with our families, friends and teachers at Ohana International School. We know that we are all winners and always try our best; we think that having Sports Day with our family and friends together is a great idea. We also know OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

that the weatherman is reserving a sunny day for Monday for us!

We love reading books in the library and take responsibility for packing them away when we are finished. We also like to read together with our friends especially when they are reading books, that we would like to read too. Our teachers encourage us to ask our friends if we can read together with them, or alternatively to ask them if they can give us their book, when they have finished reading it.

We started off the day doing leaf rubbing. We used some of the leaves that we collected when we were in the park, as well as some that we found on the ground when we were walking back to school. We hid the leaves underneath our pages and lay a wax crayon down, and then rubbed the crayon over the area where the leaves were. We couldn't imagine that there would be so many beautiful patterns; and there were. We used Autumn/Fall colours e. g. red, green, yellow, orange, pink and brown. It is the beginning of Fall/Autumn so we have not as yet seen all of the colours on leaves yet. We look forward to seeing more that are red and pink and orange.

We enjoyed playing with play dough, making shapes and spending time touching it and feeling the lovely soft texture.

We hope that you all have a great weekend and look forward to seeing all of our Petals Class teachers, friends and their families on Monday at our annual Ohana International School, Sports Day.

Love always

Hisami, Liezel and Goh