Happy Birthday, Shelley and Jen!

DSCN3718Good morning everyone! It was great to start our day again with a greeting from our friends and teachers. We noticed that the temple on the opposite side of our school was reconstructing their parking space so most of us were asking, “What is that noise?” And our teachers explained to us that the diggers and the trucks were just fixing something so we didn’t have to worry so much about it. We did our morning jobs and we’re all proud of what we can do independently. Next up, we looked at our morning activity tables. We needed to finish our marbling activity because many of us haven’t done it yet. So Nanako helped us out with the painting and John guided us how to stick on the pieces of straw on our marbled paper. It was very easy to do but when our marbles were stuck in the corner of our box, we just needed to make sure that we tapped the side of our box so that the marbles would move. We made great patterns and we’re so excited to show them to our parents. When we pasted the straw, we were so curious about the texture. The combination of straw and glue made it mushy and our friends told us that it was a bit yucky. We still pasted a little portion of straw and surprisingly it made some gorgeous design. It is really fun to do it with our friends and teachers.

DSCN3720         In our circle time, we made a big circle and small circle. Maki and Sayaka were with us too and they really helped us to make a nice circle because our little friends still need some time to learn how to hold hands together. Again, we talked about our Tokyo map and we tried to remember the things that we discussed yesterday. We mentioned the places that we could see like the Tokyo tower, airport and the park. Hence, we focused on the park area. Our teachers asked us about the things we could do in the park. We said that we can slide down and get on the swing; we can get in the jungle gym. After that, we sang a song about the actions that we could do in the park like for example, we can run, we can hop, we can jump and many more. It was a great learning experience for all of us.

And also today, we celebrated a very special day for Shelley and Jen. Today is their birthday month and it’s our pleasure to spend this memorable birthday with them. We were singing the Ohana school song when Petals and Flowers classes came down to celebrate with us. When Shelley and Jen came, we asked them to sit on our birthday chairs. Children from Petals and Flowers put a crown on their heads, they looked so fabulous. Of course, we gave them our big hugs and many kisses. We also gave them ouDSCN3721r cards that we made especially for them. Our teachers also presented some sweet but yet meaningful messages to both of them. Next, they brought out our baked sweet potato and a very special cake that one of our parents made for the birthday celebrants. We remembered that Shelley is on Vegan diet so we gave her something very healthy to enjoy. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHELLEY and JEN! We love you both!

After the fun birthday celebration, we went to the park and enjoyed the rest of the day. Thank you so much Ohana and see you all tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016 J