The weather really was upside down today. When we looked out of the window, it was sunny; when we went to the park it was cloudy and when we woke up after rest time, it was raining. What a mixed up day, the weather person had! We had a great day except we missed our friends who are sick and we are really happy to know that one of our friends is coming back next week from Hong Kong!Today we continued talking about hands and we completed our owl. We took the hands that we traced and cut out and pasted them onto the owl; so now it has feathers. We said: “Now this owl is the same as the other one”. The reason that she said this is that Shelley drew one with feathers on the white board and this one, that Hisami drew, didn’t have feathers. Now they both have feathers. Yay!

We looked at the pictures of hands and discussed them in detail. If you have the chance to come into our classroom, you will see that we have a big display on the wall, with the owl and its “hand feathers” together with our discussion and photos. In fact, we took photos of our hands and when our teachers showed them to us, we tried to find our hands. Some of us were able to recognize our hands and some of us were not sure. We are wondering if you can guess whose hands are whose! Here are some of our hands!


We sorted acorns with spoons and small coloured cups at one of the tables. We scooped the acorns up which was a bit challenging because the little spoons are not deep and the acorns are shiny and slippery. We counted the ones in our cups and enjoyed using acorns for sorting. These are the same acorns that we picked up along the street, on our way back from the park yesterday. Daiki completed a really difficult puzzle with 54 pieces. He tried to fit


the shapes and match the colours and persevered until he was finished. Well done Daiki kun! We spent some time learning our Petals Class chant for Sports Day. Hisami did it in a fun way with letters of the alphabet. She wrote one letter on a piece of paper and asked us if anyone knew what letter it was. Of course some of us knew that it was a “P”. We tried to think of things that started with the sound that the letter ‘p’ makes – piano, paper, pig. Then she wrote another letter and this time it was “e” and we thought of elephant and egg. Each time that


Hisami showed us a letter; she put them next to one another so that in the end, they made a word. What was the word going to be? Daiki guessed snake and Sofie when we saw the letter “s” and Hana said Taiyo for the letter “t”; Akari said “Akari” for the letter “a” and Hana said Lisa for the letter “l”. We are all able to remember sounds so well and relate them to words and names that we know. In the end, all of the letters together spelled P, E, T, A, L, S. Yes, we were practicing our chant for Sports Day. We said it over and over, while we were walking to the park and back to school. We also sang the Ohana school song.

Our teachers took a photo of us when we were sleeping at nap time because Alexa was hugging Hana. Can you see how kind we are to our friends, even when we are sleeping? Thanks for a fun day and get well soon, our friends who are sick. See you soon! Love all the children in Petals Class