Helping Others

Dear Flower Class parents, Today we had a special guest teacher called Rajni in the classroom with us. She was very helpful and did a special story activity for circle time today. Thank you Rajni. This morning at the table we saw the brightly colored modelling material called ‘Plasticine’. We wanted to make some things with the modelling clay and made some animals and a few cars too. It was such a shame to have to break the Plasticine apart again when we had finished but it never goes hard so we can’t keep it really unfortunately. Also on the table were lots of strips of colored plastic which we are going to be using to make cheerleading pom-poms for the October Ohana Sports Day. To make the pom-poms we chose 6 pieces from the available colors and laid them on top of each other. We then used a piece of tape in the center to hold it all together. We then used our fingers to start splitting the plastic lengthwise and then used a comb to make them super fluffy. On the carpet area the wood and plastic construction set was very popular with many of us. Together with Rajni’s help we made an airplane and a motorbike. On the small table there we played a game called ‘Balance’ which was a little difficult as we had to take turns putting pieces onto a balancing top without knocking it all over. Many of us made birthday cards for our teachers and friends for October on the main table. We used sparkly pens, stamps and markers as well as writing Happy Birthday all by ourselves. After packing away the toys and having our snack we headed for the park. It was very warm again so we took along our water bottles. We enjoyed playing ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf”? as well as soccer and collecting small orange flowers. When we returned from the park Rajni did a small theatrical story using the toy animals and a Plasticine mouse. The story told of a big scary lion which lived in the jungle and was woken by a playful mouse. All the other animals were scared of the lion and when some hunters came to the jungle and trapped the lion the other animals all refused to help the scary lion. The small mouse however was very kind and considered himself a friend of the lion and helped the lion escape with his sharp teeth. Soon they were all happy again. Thank you Rajni. We then played a clues game where we looked at a secret animal picture and gave our friends 3 clues to guess the animal. Tomorrow we are starting a new theme titled ‘A wonderful world of Water’ which should be fun.

Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.

All our love, Darren, Ayaka, Maki & Ryoan