The Family Finger

Good morning everyone! We have a sunny Tuesday. We welcomed our friends with a big “good morning”. Our greetings are always important during the day because it gives us more positive energy and establishing better rapport with our friends and teachers. On our activity tables, we saw the different puzzles and some Ziplocs with various colors. We also saw some connecting Lego cars on our table and we definitely loved playing with them. The dollhouse was being put out again because we are talking about our family for this week. Our teachers also asked us to stay at the puzzle activity table because they wanted to know how we can work with them. They took out the lock puzzle as well, and everyone loved it.The other puzzles only consisted of six pieces and for now we needed to master this skill. And it is also significant for us to have this opportunity so that our learning experience will be more expansive and holistic. We still continued with our handprint tree. Some of our friends were not able to finish it.  We really loved dipping our hands in the paint and stamped the prints on the paper. During our circle time, we talked about our family. We sang the “Wheels on the bus” just for us to get settled in the circle. We then sang our morning songs about the names of our friends and the weather. Our teachers also asked us to stand for our morning exercises. We loved our “Let’s move our feet” song. We shook our body, turned around, hopped and ran. Then, we asked about our parents’ and siblings’ names. Some of us could say all the names of their family members while others just call their parents mommy and daddy. We sang the family finger song and while singing John showed us his hand and found that there were finger puppets. We saw daddy finger, mommy finger, brother finger, sister finger and baby finger. We also learned the shape family. We had daddy circle, mommy triangle, sister rectangle, brother square and baby star. After learning the shapes, we had a chance to match the plain shapes to the family shapes. It was a bit challenging for some of us but at the same time it was fun. We also had some shapes puzzle where we could match the shape and the drawing. It’s also a good practice for us too.

We went to the park today and the weather was amazing. We really had a great time exploring our surroundings. But the really fun thing for us was the old house beside the park. We said that there could be a dinosaur, elephant, crocodile and many more inside. We can run our imagination through and through but the most important thing for Buds class is to know that we always have the learning privilege to see our potential and be confident about ourselves.

Thank you so much Ohana and have a wonderful day!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016