Monday exercises

What a beautiful day it is for the start of a new week at Ohana. On Mondays, we do not usually have time to do activities at the tables, because we arrive at school, and go straight into free play time. We spend time exploring things with our friends, re acquainting ourselves with things in our classroom and then we pack everything up and prepare for our gymnastics classes. We are always happy to see Miyashita sensei and anticipate the exercises that he is going to do with us. The new game that we learnt today was called “Nani ga ochita?” which means “What is falling down?” When Miyashita sensei said “karas” (crow) we had to crouch down and put our hands on our head; then he asked us what is our favourite food and we said, curry, chicken, rice,


carrots. Then we pretended to eat the food. The other game was with two mats. We walked around the mats; ran around them and then pretended to be a bear walking on all fours and then a rabbit, jumping around them. We went downstairs for snack time and read books in the library. We listened to many stories in small groups with our teachers. There was one book called “Little Yoga” and when our teachers read the words, we looked at the pictures and then did the actions. We played a game running up and down touching the walls on the opposite side of our room. We hit our hands on the wall and pretended that we were playing the taiko drum. We used our voices while we were playing and made a big noise. We walked sideways from one side to the other, we sat on our bottoms and tried to walk just on our


bottoms. Our teachers put their hands on their knees and just used their bottoms to move but we used our hands and they couldn’t keep up with us! After gymnastics, we sat together and sang our “Hello” song. We had a new friend in our class today who will be joining us next week. She sang her name too. We changed our calendar and looked at the weather which was cloudy on Friday but sunny today. We were so happy to welcome one of our friends back to school after her long holiday in the USA. Tomorrow we will have all of our friends at school which will be great. We will continue with the activities that our teachers prepared for today, tomorrow. We had a preview of one of them. We looked at one of our tables and saw a selection of photos of hands; children’s, adults, babies, men, ladies….what are we going to do with them? The second table had newspaper on it with dot paint markers, markers and wax crayons. We think that tomorrow is going to be another creative day in Petals Class. Enjoy the beautiful sunshine and see you tomorrow, for the last few days in September.

Love all the children in Petals Class