Happy birthday, Nanako and Stone Art!

Good morning Wednesday! It is nice to have Mr. Sun up again because we can go to the park and have fun with our friends andteachers. Today, we found Bob the builder and some transportation puzzles which were quite nice.

On the other table, we found that there were two golden sheets of cloth and we wondered what was underneath. Our teachers asked us if we wanted to find out what was being covered, so we all said, “yes”. We had to count from one to ten and then our friends were surprised to find the stones that were arranged nicely. We noticed that the stones lined up to have a happy face and a sad face. We also saw some paint with various colors (blue, green, red, white, brown and yellow). Then, the next step was to decide which were the happy colors and sad colors for us. It really depends on how we look at it because some of us decided to choose blue as the happy and sad color. But yellow stood out to be the happy color and brown as the sad color for most of us.

After our wonderful stone art, we cleaned up our toys and art materials. We noticed that Petals and Flowers classes were getting inside our room while we sang some songs for our circle time. They slowly got inside and joined us to sing “If you’re happy and you know it”. And when all of us came in, Shelley led us to greet a happy birthday to Nanako. We were so excited to give her our presents and we all enjoyed being with the other classes. We celebrated it today because she just came back from her vacation in Ireland; her actual birthday was in August. Happy birthday again, Nanako!

After we said bye-bye to our friends, we did our circle time. We talked about the things that can make us happy, hungry and sleepy. John took out a blanket, toy bread and toy truck. For him, the toy truck makes him happy, the bread makes him hungrDSCN3327y and the blanket makes him sleepy. We also got a chance to express ourselves about these things but most of us knew that it’s time to go to sleep when we have the blanket on our side. So we sang, “Are you sleeping?” and then we woke up and shook our bodies and danced to the music once again.

It was a wonderful day so we went to the park. And of course, we all had a great time with everyone. We requested to get on the swing and stayed a long time waiting for our turn because the other classes were using it too.  The jungle gym was quite popular. We were able to use our grip and balance ourselves on the beams.

Thank you so much Ohana for another great day! See you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016