I'm a circle, I go round and around

The weatherman/lady was really confused today. We started the morning off with thunder and lightning together with rain. The rain sometimes was really strong and then, it was light and fluffy; and then we looked out of the window and saw blue sky; and it became sunny and dry. Unfortunately by the time it had become sunny and dry, we were eating lunch and getting ready to have a rest. We hope that it stays dry so that we can go and play in the park after school. We really love drawing and in the mornings, we independently go to our literacy area which is called “The Office”. We take paper and use whatever equipment we need either on our own or


together with friends. Since we have included shapes in our theme for this month, we have been talking about them and today we did a pasting activity. We focused on four shapes viz. circle, square, triangle and rectangle. We noticed that a square and a rectangle have four sides but they look different. We sang about the shapes and learnt that a square has “all four sides the same” and a rectangle has two long sides matching in length and two short sides matching in length. A triangle has three points and a circle has a never ending line that goes round and round. Our pictures are drying as we used glue to paste the shapes on. You can see how we chose the shapes to make our pictures. We made a house with windows, a train, a big car, another house and some of us chose to make patterns.

We played a game on the mat with our names and shapes. Each name had a shape on top of it. We identified the shapes and counted how many we had of each one; we had three circles, three rectangles, three triangles and two squares. This adds up to eleven because there were eight children and three teachers at school today. The shapes were hiding our names so it was quite difficult for some of us to work out which names were ours. We placed our names on the board and then had snack. After snack time, we had fun dancing to music and playing musical instruments. We looked carefully at a variety of


instruments and gave them names because we were not sure what the real names of all of them were. We had drums, maracas (many different shaped maracas), and clickers, other kinds of shakers, real bells, sasara and tambourine. We walked around the musical box and when the CD stopped we tried to stop our bodies from moving and stop our hands playing the instruments at the same time. We packed away the instruments after changing them a few times so that we could use a variety of them in our game and then we each received a drum stick. We sang “Copy Cat” and copied the rhythm that Shelley played. We also tapped on the floor with the drum sticks while we sang “Twinkle, twinkle little star”, “Baa baa black sheep” and “Mary had a little lamb”. Then we went to the tables and cut out large circles. We looked in the mirror and we made our circles into face; looking carefully at the different things on our faces. We hope that all of our friends and their families have a wonderful long weekend.

Shelley and John have a three day conference so we are not sure if they will have as much fun as we will. See you on Tuesday

Love always

All the children in Petals Class