Foam color combination

Good morning rainy Thursday! We thought that we can still go to the park but it seemed that we’re going to have indoor activities for today. We’re certain that our teachers will prepare lots of fun tasks that we can do in our classroom. We saw some sensory materials on our tables. We had three trays and on each separate tray there were plastic flowers, plastic leaves and some pine cones. We also had some tweezers and spoons to scoop and pinch these materials and put them in our china and glass cups. Many of our friends really liked using their fine motor skills. Scooping and pinching with the spoon and tweezers could really help us to develop our hand coordination. On the other side of our table, we had some paper foils and some paint with variety of colors. Our teachers asked us what colors we wanted to use. And surprisingly, we put another ingredient which was the shaving foam! Since that the concept was all about color combination, we needed to choose two colors. Hence, we picked blue and red (purple), white and red (pink), red and yellow (orange), blue and yellow (green). It was so amazing how we found out that there were so many colors that we can create using these primary colors. And with the use of our hands, we loved the texture of the shaving foam as well. It was so fantastic for we have used our tactile and visual senses for our art work. And this process of learning can give us more confidence and appreciation for art.

In our circle time, we sang our morning circle time with Sharee. Our teachers rotated their responsibility in conducting circle time so that all the teachers will have a chance to teach and learn from us as much as we learn from them. This is a good thing for us too because it makes us our class more dynamic and adaptive to different learning and teaching approaches. Next, we danced to the song of “Shake your head and hips” and “Shake your sillies out” with our shakers. We also talked about our body parts. We had a bucket that Sharee showed us. And inside, you’ll find toy body parts of Mr. Potato Head. She took one body part and she got the hand. She also asked what we can do with our hands. We all replied, “Open and close”. So, we passed the bucket around and got our body parts too. We got eyes for blinking, nose for wiggling, arms for swimming, hands for clapping and toes/feet for kicking, stamping and shaking.

We weren’t able to go to the park today so our teachers just built an obstacle course for us. First, we got in and out of the tunnel, then got a ball to shoot in the bucket, there was also an X mark for us to do 5 star jumps, short lines that said we needed to jump over them 4 times and a teddy bear that was waiting for us to be picked up so that we could run from our library corner until the main door of Buds’ classroom. We had so much fun doing the obstacle course. And definitely, it really gave us enough opportunity to move our bodies and exercise.

After the amazing obstacle course, we went to the library to have our interactive story-telling with Sharee as well. Each of us took one animal and she got two elephants (mommy and baby). The story was about the baby elephant who was looking for his mommy. His mommy went out to get food for him but it was getting so late and she hasn’t returned home yet. So, he went out to find his mommy. We were holding different animals and the baby elephant asked us “Are you my mommy?” But we said, “No, go somewhere else”. And when the baby elephant returned home, his mommy arrived and brought food for him. He was so glad to have his mommy back. What a happy feeling and a happy tummy he has!

Thank you so much Ohana for the good sports activity we had today. See you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016 J